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Setting Object Locations

posted Jan 23, 2013 00:43:10 by pj6444
Is there a way to set an object's location with x,y, and z coordinates. Or is it necessary to use <set_relative_location> ?
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bleep751 said Jan 23, 2013 00:51:15
Try using <set_object_property>, and using positionX,positionY,and positionZ
pj6444 said Jan 23, 2013 00:53:18
So, would I use:
<set_object_property name="Artemis" positionX="50000" positionY="50000" positionZ="50000" />


Thank you for your help.
pj6444 said Jan 23, 2013 00:57:13
Actually, I figured it out. I need to use <set_object_property> three times with different positions each time for the X, Y, and Z.
Mike_Substelny said Jan 23, 2013 01:08:43
That will work. You can set a lot of other properties, too.
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