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Comms request dock condition

posted Jan 23, 2013 04:14:16 by sayabodohproductions
I'm sorry if this has already been answered on another post but i couldn't find the answer when i looked.

I'd like to know how to make it so that if Comms requests dock at a station it triggers an event.
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JSpaced said Jan 23, 2013 09:47:14
I know you can set it to "If player is docked then do blah" but I haven't seen an option to do it on request.
I take it you mean the "Prepare for docking" request?
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sayabodohproductions said Jan 23, 2013 23:57:15
yeah the "prepare for docking" request is the one i'm talking about,
xavierwise.tsn said Jan 24, 2013 09:56:42
It is not something I have come across when using the Mission Editor program. The only option seems to be using the "When Player is Docked" condition.
Mike_Substelny said Jan 24, 2013 16:08:52
At this time the mission scripting system cannot directly react to any of the messages that Comms sends. You could add a hotkey that the Comms Officer must press whenever requesting docking, but that's about it.
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