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Do the same number of enemies/stations/anomalies spawn every Invasion game?

posted Jan 20, 2013 11:56:02 by AlexVanPatten
For the random invasion levels (levels 1-11), do the same number of enemies, anomalies, and stations spawn each time just in different locations? I'm designing the rules for an Artemis tourney and want to see what constants I have to pull a score from.

I don't want to give a crew +1 point per enemy ship destroyed if not every crew gets the same number of enemy ships from the get-go.
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Mike_Substelny said Jan 21, 2013 19:20:06
When you play in a barren sector you get a similar challenge every time. Interesting introduces some luck. Very Interesting introduces a LOT of luck, since minefields, blackholes, and monsters can kill some enemies.

I suggest that you use mission scripts, perhaps "The Trials of Deneb" or a custom script you make yourself, for the tournament.
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RussJudge said Jan 23, 2013 18:25:01
I'd agree with Mike--a mission will give you total control over what gets into the game, so that you can easily have each team in the tournament have exactly the same parameters to have to deal with. You can also set the difficulty level in the mission script--so that you can set the level to 11 or something to be sure that everyone is on the same difficulty setting (or you could adjust the level to provide a handicap).
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