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StripInvaders DIY?

posted Jan 17, 2013 21:16:30 by RoyAnderson
Would this DIY project have any application to Artemis? Just throwing this out there for your hardware hackers!
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Chalta said Jan 17, 2013 22:22:11
Probably easier to drop an equivalent $240 on plug and play equipment. The upside is that this has architectural and entertainment value outside of Artemis, so its reuse value is higher.

It's essentially an individually addressed, digitally controlled RGB LED strip, controlled with a custom OSC implementation. You'd need a teensyduino or arduino to clock the strips, and an ethernet shield to receive the commands. Looks like they're running behind 2 units of IKEA's expedit shelving. (the 2x4 units)

Would require a fair bit of hacking to make it work with Artemis' native DMX interface, which is designed to work with plug and play DMX hardware. Though you could potentially find a digital DMX controller to control the strip directly via DMX.

Otherwise, you'd have to interpret the Artemis DMX commands with an FTDI microcontroller (such as an early version of the afore-mentioned arduino), then convert the instructions to OSC (or reprogram the strip interface to use a different method).

Or, you could use Tom Wyatt's third-party OSC program, but it's not for the faint of heart, and lacks certain triggers present in the native DMX (such as Docking and Red Alert, though it adds some as well). Having said that, if you had the software/hardware pedigree to attempt the StripInvader project, you'd probably be able to figure out the Artemis OSC middleware.
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