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iOS Flights

posted Jan 12, 2013 09:16:41 by KentWidmayer
We tested running a game where the game server was an iPhone 4 and the rest of the computers were standard PC's and it worked just fine. A 10 minute game ate up about 10% of the battery on a 2 year old iPhone 4. I was awesome to see, although the main screen was a bit small. Can you program the iOS version to output video to the HDMI port when the HDMI adaptor is plugged in. We got audio but no video. Of course this is not a problem on the iPad since the iPad does automatic mirroring. The iOS app is great!! We would just like to see the 1.7 version soon.
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TheoBrinkman said Jan 14, 2013 02:57:46
I'd like to see the iOS version of Artemis take advantage of the ability for (newer) iOS devices to actually output 1080p video through the HDMI adapter, even though that's not the resolution of the device's display.
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