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TSN event website, second attempt

posted Jan 06, 2013 14:52:42 by ThomRobertson
I've gotten an event announcement website set up at I THINK it's finally operational, but I need your help to be the judge of that. is designed to let YOU tell everyone about the upcomign Artemis event you have planned. Whether it's a get-together at your house, an on-line game, or a big setup at a convention, this website should be THE place to tell everyone about it. is also a tool I can use to support your event. When you create an account, you'll give me a mailing address. That's ONLY so I can send you stuff to give out at your event. I've always needed a structure that would help me support all of you when you organize cool Artemis events, and this is the start.

All new accounts must be verified by me, so don't be surprised if your account doesn't start working right away. I'll try to get get your account activated ASAP, but feel free to email me and remind me.

So please go to, create an account, and post info about your upcoming events. thank you!
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PhillipWright said Jan 06, 2013 16:46:54
My friends and I are saving up to buy Artemis.
As soon as we get it I'll be sure to use this site :)
SigbiornSigmundarson said Jan 06, 2013 19:24:33
All setup. Just awaiting aproval. User name cujosr.
ThomRobertson said Jan 06, 2013 19:30:11
I'm caught up on activations (as of this moment).
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FFDilithiumCryst said Jan 06, 2013 20:39:53
Created an account and confirmed on email. Tried to log (I'm assuming that when I get an email confirming my membership, I should be able to log in...)

Username: FFDilithiumCryst

Update: It works! Thanks! Looking foward to create events in Bay Area, CA!
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JeffreyWood said Jan 06, 2013 23:55:39
Had to cancel my registration after checking that the registration was for '', which is not the bridge simulator but some research group.
ThomRobertson said Jan 07, 2013 02:44:51
No, I think the email you were sent sez when it shouldn't. There are... problems with the event website, that I'm still trying to iron out (after the Indian web company made it for me).

I'll fix it.
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JeffreyWood said Jan 08, 2013 04:24:30
Ok, I registered again. My group is hosting Artemis again in a couple weeks at the local campus gaming group, with two licenses and enough computers for one bridge and maybe a scout. ;) See how many bring their own laptops or download the app to fill the other.

Hence, I'll put it up on the event calendar to let those in the nearby area know where to find us. ;)
callapple said Jan 08, 2013 09:02:52
Just a bit of am issue here. Is the registration process not just a bit too much into personal info being requested? In my opinion, requesting Street address and phone number seems a bit overkill. (Just saying).

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ThomRobertson said Jan 09, 2013 00:08:33
I agree that's personal info, but I've always wanted to support your events, by sending out posters, patches, and/or other swag you could use as prizes or auction items. I need a mailing address to send that stuff.

The phone number is optional.

I should make it much clearer on the website, that I don't want the info for any other reason and won't use it in any other way.
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JeffreyWood said Jan 09, 2013 05:52:09
Well, hey, feel free to consider the Jan 18th event. :) We are hoping to lure more new people from the various gaming options to try a mission or two.

We have a wireless router added to the setup, to make it easier to add-on for the 2nd bridge. I'm hoping some of the attendees will have tablets and are willing to get the app to try it out.
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DeaneGeiken said Jan 10, 2013 21:04:38
How long does it take for the confirmation to activate. I submitted, received email back, and confirmed membership, but still cannot log on to the site. Would like to get on as I am working to demo the game at a local game shop in central Illinois soon. Username; Longbowman Thanks!

UPDATE... It finally worked for me. Advise to others signing up, it takes a while for the confirmation to go through. The site looks great! Thank you Thom!
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JustinWilliams said Jan 11, 2013 05:49:58
How about a wiki for documenting coding/scripting for the game. A localized place to share knowledge tricks and skillz.
TreChipman said Jan 11, 2013 16:36:51
JustinWilliams, there actually is something like that on the site, and it's been replicated up on the unofficial wiki as well. I hope you find it useful!
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WilliamWallace said Jan 24, 2013 04:38:01
Great news! I reregistered and am awaiting confirmation. I had submitted an event on the original site, but it never showed up. I took my bridge to CodeMash (1/8 - 1/11) in Sandusky, Ohio, and we ended up being the talk of the convention. If even 10% of the people who I told how to get the program buy, there should have been quite a spike in sales.
ThomRobertson said Jan 25, 2013 21:46:14
You are confirmed, William.

I'm glad you made it to CodeMash. I couldn't. Thanks for your advocacy!
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