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Contact Report TSN Carmichael.

posted Jan 05, 2013 04:07:12 by AaronStrickland
Captains Log:

I have just stepped aboard the brand new Battleship class ship: Carmichael. It is to be my second command. TSN brass has seen fit to give me an entirely green bridge crew. I am charged with getting them combat capable. I step onto the bridge and my new crew looks to me with nervous anticipation in their eyes. They have heard stories of my risky nature. I can see that everyone is wondering if the Carmichael is to be their last commission.

I give my normal first day speech, letting the crew know exactly what I expect of them. Shortly after we are cleared to begin our shakedown cruise. If only that is all it was going to be.

Captains Log Supplemental: Science has just informed me that that upwards of ten separate enemy fleets have just popped up on LRS. As the words leave his mouth comms reports incoming message from TSN command. Turns out we are the only combat capable ship in the sector. The only line of defense. Science reports two enemy fleets closing range to DS4, and a smaller fleet almost within striking distance of DS1. This was going to be a rough time. DS1 was clear on the other side of the sector and working with the experimental jump drive we were not sure we would have any energy left to power a prolonged engagement. It was a difficult decision to make, but DS1 was not going to survive. Comms ordered an immediate emergency evacuation of DS1. Only about half made it out before the station went up like a supernova.

Bridge crew transcript:

Captain: Red Alert! All hands prepare for combat jump! I know this is your first day and you weren't expecting combat, but sack up. You have all have jobs to do.

Helm: Captain, course laid in ready to jump on your orders.

Captain: Engage.

Science: Sir wait........

To late, we had already jumped.

Science (with a mortified look on his face): Sir, we have just jumped into the middle of the fleet. 11 enemy contacts powering weapons. I'm sorry sir, I miss plotted the course.

Captain: No apologize in combat lad. Just get me shield frequencies. Helm you have tactical. Weapons, fire all tubes, then load ECM nuke combo.

Helm: Sir I have plotted a new jump that should take us to just within nuke range.

Captain: Emergency Jump! All power to jump drive. This may get bumpy.

Comms: Sir DS1 has been destroyed.

Captain: Morn the dead later. Engage. Helm get us outta here. Weapons, as soon as the jump is complete fire ECM&Nuke. Target the middle of the fleet let's make it count.

Helm:Jump in 3.

Weapons: Missiles away Captain.

Science: 6 ships are off the scope, the rest have sustained massive damage.

Captain: Helm full impulse get us in beam range. Weapon as soon as lock on has been confirmed finish the bastard off.

Engineering: Sir Jump drive has been disabled. Front shield is offline, rear shield is almost gone to.

Captain: Jump drive first, then shields. Science plot a course to the nearest DS station. We need to repair and rearm. We need back in this fight. Helm, as soon as jump drive is back on line initiate jump and dock. Comms let them know we are coming.

Error: File corrupted. Skipping to closest uncorrupted point.

Captains log: We have cleared the threat from the sector, with the exception of one lone Skarran enforcer. We have sustained heavy damage. We must push on.

Bridge crew transcript:

Engineering: Captain, advise we make for the nebula until I can get primary systems back online. We won't survive the day if we don't.

Captain: If we do DS2 won't survive the day. We must engage. Get my front shield up yesterday.

Engineering: Aye Captain.

Science: Sir, shield frequency is alpha. Contact is closing to DS2. About 6k out.

Captain:Weapons Load ECM and Nuke. As soon as are in range fire ECM.

Engineering: Captain we only have enough power to make one jump. Once we go in, we win or we don't come out.

Captain: initiate combat jump. All hands red alert.

Weapons:ECM away.

Science: He jumped. Directly in front of us. ECM did hit. His shields are weakend but still functional.

Captain: Fire all beams. We need to get through his shields.

Engineering:Sir we are taking a pounding not sure how much more of this we can take. Impulse is down, so is Jump Drive. Only one damcon team left.

Captain: Engineering, I want just enough power to launch the nuke, everything else gets rerouted to front shields.

Comms: Your not gonna do what I think you are gonna do?

Captain: It's been a honor serving with you. Weapons fire tube one.

Weapons: Sir he is right on top of us, we will be destroyed.

Captain: That is an order LT. Fire the DAMN Nuke. Brace for impact.

Weapons: Nuke away! Please god let me live through I will never touch myself again.

Science:Enemy ship destroyed.

Captain:Damage report.

Engineering: All systems down. Emergency life support starting up. We have purple across the board sir....only two corridors remain intact.

Captain: Get out engines online. I owe you all a drink.

File corrupted.......

Sorry this one is a little sloppy. Trying to reconstruct from memory.

I thought for sure that nuke was gonna take us out two. Our hulls we touching. Somehow we survived. Been meaning to share with you guys. Sorry it took so long. Next report will be better written.
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2 replies
Charlie said Jan 08, 2013 08:14:05
Bad ass!
TheoBrinkman said Jan 14, 2013 03:05:43
Sounds a lot like the scout mission I captained a few weeks back. We literally spend half the game with 1 dam-con crew. (Not a single squad, a single crew-member! No idea how we actually survived it, but Engineering kept that poor bastard in *exactly* the right place to both survive the ensuing battles, and get critical systems back online when we absolutely needed them.)
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