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Artemis 1.70 update

posted Jan 05, 2013 00:54:44 by ThomRobertson
I'm just days away from releasing V1.70, and I wanted to let everyone know what sort of things to expect. Below is an excerpt from my local to-do list (so, not the complete list). The items marked with a ** are done; the items marked with ?? are done but not sufficiently tested or tuned.

I'm eager to get 1.70 out, so I can get these great updates to all of you, and also so I can get on with V2.0, which I have big plans for.

Thanks for your patience!

** an actual manual!

??engineering can order damcon teams around. But they don't show up as moving on engineering's screens until
??someone manages to get status on the main screen. At that point the engineering screen starts updating.

??Fix sync problem that's plaguing the the players

?? scripting values (pure numbers) are now replaced by an expression evaluator, which can incorporate variables

??keyboard commands for comms (doublecheck formatting of number in lower-right)

??keyboard presses on clients can go to server scripts to activate events

??Hard bounce instead of soft bounce for collisions?

??change vector normalizing to trap a zero-normal condition!

??Remove "invisible to sci" from Skaraan abilities

**erase tube lock

**enemy fighters often show up with USFP textures and science details.

**Jump/ Warp conundrum bug - choosing on helm doesn't always result in the right choice in game.

**pressing SPACE stops warp AND impulse

**RAISE_SHIELDS and LOWER_SHIELDS keys added to Helm and Weapons


**more keys for engineering, to push power levels up and down for different systems, as well as coolant.

**Investigate borderless windowed mode

**change sound to tolerate a missing sound device (for rackmount servers).

**Show/hide arcs in weapons should have the option for enemy arcs only. I only turn this off because the screen is too busy, but I still want to see my own arcs.

**Make drones fall into black holes

** fix problem with comms text color over time

** Key that resets coolants to zero on engin

**DAMCON Team Replenish message always pops up when docking, even if no teams took casualties.

**Mouse to zoom would also be really really really good.

**Warp slider has more space over the position for warp 4, which does nothing. This makes warp slider look like its only at 80% of its max capacity while its actually at 100%.

**Add "look-out-the-window" option in server and client option screens

**Make sure the change value in DMX scripting works

**hotkey for scanning at the science station.

**When failing to connect to an IP address the UI doesn't acknowledge that an attempt was made or failed. It simply appears non-responsive.

**Helm reverse feature

**a 'rudder amidships' button.

**still like the idea of having the steering slider stick slightly in the middle
Creator of Artemis
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17 replies
SigbiornSigmundarson said Jan 05, 2013 01:28:22
Sweet! Thank you! We have a game on Sunday. Any chance to have it out before then?
[Last edited Jan 05, 2013 01:29:30]
scott.zumwalt said Jan 05, 2013 01:40:26
This is like a dream list. Thank you so much. This will be the first time I apply an update. How is distribution handled? I know that it will be easy for an updater to only work on a previous version, thereby being relatively sure that the install is legitimate. But, will those of us that own a license be given a full installer of this version? Otherwise, installs on new machines will get more tedious the more updates that are released.
MarkBell said Jan 05, 2013 02:31:26
Fantastic! Really looking forward to trying out the new features, I think you've definitely hit most of the ones on my list, at least :-)
Eric said Jan 05, 2013 04:05:31
Love it! Nice work as always!
emblemamerica said Jan 05, 2013 06:08:15
I've got a multi-ship birthday party coming up in the next few weeks. Here's hoping I get 1.7 for a present.

scott.zumwalt, the day of the release a free download will be made available to update any version 1.30 and newer to 1.7. You can see the current update to 1.66 on the download page ( If you want the 1.7 installer file you will have to purchase a copy. As you say, the updating can become mildly tedious, so I usually buy a new installer every few versions to save time while perpetuating the economy of Thom.
AaronStrickland said Jan 05, 2013 06:21:54
I have a multi-ship birthday bash coming up too. Shooting for the 12th. Also, awesome updates. Super excited to see it in action. +1 Internets Thom.
PhillipWright said Jan 05, 2013 21:29:09
Very cool. That's quite a to-do list you've been working on.
Looking forward to seeing the release.
MatthewNazy said Jan 05, 2013 21:53:24
how will the 1.70 release impact the IOS version? will they both be updated at the same time?
ThomRobertson said Jan 06, 2013 00:39:21
No, Matthew, the IOS version will lag slightly behind the Windows version. It WILL be updated, as quickly as I can get Max Gaming to do it, but in the mean time I'll be sure to keep the 1.66 version available on the website, so people won't be forced out of being able to play with both device types.
Creator of Artemis
Captain said Jan 06, 2013 02:36:13
Sweet thanks so much. Only started playing two months ago but I have been having so much fun. Can't wait for this update. Thanks again Thom for the great game.
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Kobolds said Jan 06, 2013 02:50:16
??Remove "invisible to sci" from Skaraan abilities

Noooooo! I liked the sci cloaking systems, it was good not being able to see information on all the enemies. Would it be possible to make it so we can toggle this back on, and if so, how about an editable list for which Skaraan special abilities will be selected from. At the moment I am under the impression that there is a list each Skaraan ship can randomly select a number of abilities from, though please correct me if I am wrong!

I'd also really like to see the combination of invisible to long range sensors and invisible to sci powers. It would be great fun to have a ship that can catch my crew unaware. The closest we've got at the moment is the Skaraan that can cloak, removing itself briefly from all forms of scan (LRS, SRS and sci) as well as making it turn invisible breaking weapon lock. It can't do that for very long, so we tend to see it coming, while not being able to break weapon lock, but not being detectable outside of SRS and the Mk I eyeball, would make for the potential of a very interesting tactical encounter.

*I'm defining SRS as the sensors Helm and Tactical use on their terminals.

I'm also incredibly happy with the science hot key and the rudder amid ships button. Finally we'll stop veering to the left every time I am in the pilot's seat...
PhillipWright said Jan 06, 2013 03:53:44
I kind of agree with you on making the Skaraan cloaking toggleable.
Personally, I'd love it if the Science Helm could launch probes that could improves sensors within a give area to be able to detect cloaking (or extend the range of sensors or see in nebulae, depending on where they're placed, etc...) but that's probably a feature for 2.0 if it was considered.
SigbiornSigmundarson said Jan 06, 2013 19:28:00
So if I read this correctly, it means the ipad app will not be compatable with 1.7 immediatly? Good to know.
ThomRobertson said Jan 06, 2013 19:29:26
The IOS version will lag slightly behind the Windows version. It WILL be updated, as quickly as I can get Max Gaming to do it, but in the mean time I'll be sure to keep the 1.66 version available on the website, so people won't be forced out of being able to play with both device types.
Creator of Artemis
SigbiornSigmundarson said Jan 06, 2013 19:32:53
I trust you'll get it updated. I just wanted to double check that I was reading it correctly. I guess I am. ;)
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