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DMX w/ Logitech Gaming Keyboards?

posted Jan 02, 2013 01:18:20 by Drake_Sirlit
Would it be possible to have Artemis change the led back-lighting on keyboards such as the Logitech G510? I just got one for Christmas and was at a LAN yesterday playing Artemis thinking how cool it would be.

Edit: The reason I put DMX in the title is because I know that the game can interface w/ DMX device's so I was wondering if there was a way of intercepting this code and feeding it into a program that'll change the keyboards color/brightness.
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ThomRobertson said Jan 03, 2013 21:33:40
I dunno. Is there an API for the logitech stuff? And what other devices would the same API work with?
Creator of Artemis
Drake_Sirlit said Jan 05, 2013 04:53:55
IDK exactly, but I do know that some game devs have incorporated LCD apps into there games, basically it works with any Logitech gaming keyboard I believe (all the ones with LCD screens of course). Games that utilize at least the LCD screen can be viewed here The thing I'm not sure of is if games can interact with the back-lighting of the keyboard.
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