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More DMX Light Options

posted Dec 29, 2012 07:08:50 by Auto_Pilot
So, this isn't the cheapest route, but it is another option instead of the big circular light.

I got a DMX Decoder along with RBG LEDs From

It was $40 for the controller and $24 for about 40 inches of color changing LED flexible light strips. The strips can be cut into smaller lengths and still be hooked up so they would work perfect for the red alert lighting run in a vertical strip along the wall of abridge. You can daisy Chain the DMX cable off of the main light and into the strip so they both work in tandem.

Like i said, not the cheapest option, but it doesn't need a lot of extra work. It all connects together pretty easily.
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MarkBell said Dec 29, 2012 12:31:43
Nice! So it's basically a beefier version of this controller, with the capability of taking either the ethernet cable type or the 3-pin type and putting out a hell of a lot more juice (assuming your power supply has the cojones). (The ethernet solution introduced by JoshuaHarris in this thread).

Plus the fact that it takes either the ethernet or DMX cable is really nice. I like that the address switches set the bit address directly, so you can set it to any address between 0 and 511 - a lot of controllers only have a few addresses you can set it to.

4 amps/channel, that's a lot of lights, man. That's ~300 of those LEDs on the strip with a bit of overhead room. Nice find!
Chalta said Jan 07, 2013 16:30:51
Looks like this model, also available "direct" from China at 1/3 the (unshipped) price or for those outside the US. Bundle it with some other stuff and you might break even on shipping? YMMV.

Either way, that site has more detailed information/closeups.
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