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Jump Drive?

posted Dec 29, 2012 21:05:39 by PerFranck
Me and some friends got the full version the other night and we're loving this game! Now, we are huge BSG dorks and would like to play with the Jump drive instead of the warp drive, we've tried but it seems we always get the warp drive.

Some people seem to claim here on the forums that there's a way to play with jump drive, if so, is there some kind of how-to so we can use the jump drive instead?

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ChristianRegnadMård said Dec 29, 2012 23:21:46
I am having the same problem as you and would really appreciate a solution.
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 30, 2012 00:05:18
You cannot select the jump drive if you play on Mission Mode; it will only work on Invasion Mode.

Change the drive mode on the Server Control Screen of the game; there should be an option to select warp drive or jump drive (under Difficulty settings). Set it to Jump Drive, but do not initiate the game. Have your clients join the server. On the client screen, who ever selects Helm can cycle through different ship types and drive options and change them by hitting the "Submit" button (lower left hand corner of the console choice screen). Have them select the ship types and drive option then hit Submit. Once done, start the simulation. If you have followed this precisely, this should guarantee that you have Jump Drive enabled.

If it doesn't work, post back here for more tips/ advice/ solutions.
PerFranck said Dec 30, 2012 00:13:44
thanks for the work-around, works as described!
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 30, 2012 00:39:53
Awesome, glad to be of help!
AndersHall said Dec 31, 2012 01:32:51
Yeah it was forgetting the Submit Changes button that held it up for us too. Big forehead-slap moment.
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