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Using The Phillips Hue

posted Dec 23, 2012 05:29:52 by Flynnicism

I got a pack of these for christmas and I was wondering if anyone has any idea of how to use this with Artemis. There's plenty of little hacks out there and it seems to use standard webbish commands but I can't really think of combining it with Artemis without somehow writing scripts that can be activated manually.
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Mike_Substelny said Dec 25, 2012 08:46:35
Hue looks spiffy. I don't know if it will ever work with Artemis, but I think I need it anyway.
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Flynnicism said Dec 26, 2012 05:50:39
It's pretty good. Really designed with living room lighting in mind rather than things like stage lighting. Although they haven't released the API, there's been a lot of progress in hacking it. Someone has managed to use a DMX controller with them and others have done things like this

So, i'm not really sure how one would get it to work with artemis but it could probably be done.
Flynnicism said Dec 27, 2012 01:15:01 this stuff here is the first stuff to break through it. anyone know of anyway for it to access the DMX settings in artemis?
EAdnams said Mar 19, 2013 23:30:04
The API is now out. I'd be interested in support for Hue, or DMX translation to a Hue hub.
EricMallory said Apr 07, 2013 01:29:25
+1 for wanting Artemis integration with Hue before I spend any $cratch on DMX stuff.
Flynnicism said Apr 27, 2013 05:38:07
Just to keep this discussion going I don't think you need do do anything with DMX. as far as getting the right colours and effects to go, it's not very difficult to do. What I'm not sure is how to access the information needed to send that information from the game. I believe someone managed to do something similar by accessing the data from the engineering console, since it's the one that deals with damage and whatnot. I'm not a coder or anything so I'm still learning this stuff but I imagine it shouldn't be hard to do for anyone with some skill at these things.
Flynnicism said May 06, 2013 07:32:08
Is there some way to access the values (ie. shields up, damage, red alert) without DMX?
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