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Friday Night Flights

posted Dec 22, 2012 01:17:19 by AndrewJHeraghty
Hey guys, trying to get a game started tonight. Usual ts channel is up, but here's the address again for anyone who needs it.

Server Address:
Channel Name: Artemis SSBS
Channel Pass: Artemis1
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GregoryWalek said Dec 22, 2012 15:31:36
Missed this week, I'll defiantly plan for it next week.
RyanAdair said Dec 28, 2012 17:33:37
Are you doing this tonight by any chance? What time at roughly? I'm GMT so I'm just wondering how far behind you are :) Plus I may stream for giggles, (not that anyone watches).
AaronStrickland said Dec 28, 2012 17:44:34
I might play. On vacation in Colorado but I just got in after a long bus ride may take it easy tonight.
MattLowman said Dec 28, 2012 22:10:55
For those wanting to play anytime today or tonight I am setting up the channel now, same name and password as the OP, so people can hop on when they want to. I will be on the whole time but I may be doing other things.
AaronStrickland said Dec 28, 2012 22:21:42
I am here too.
Astrotorical said Dec 28, 2012 23:31:39
ill have to catch it next time then
EricWethington said Dec 29, 2012 00:58:22
I follow the link and I get "control Panel Login username/password?"
how do I register?
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
AaronStrickland said Dec 29, 2012 01:25:49
Download Teamspeak three. Register. Click the connection tab, type in that link.
EricWethington said Dec 29, 2012 01:58:11
got it.
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
Charlie said Jan 05, 2013 03:24:41
I was looking forward to blowing up some stuff tonight. I'll catch Saturdays game.
AaronStrickland said Jan 05, 2013 04:11:29
If anyone is up to play I could do a few rounds.
EricWethington said Jan 11, 2013 12:51:31
I'll be available tonight starting around 7:30EST. I'll check to see who is online
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
MattLowman said Jan 12, 2013 01:34:20
I got the channel up if anyone wants to play tonight.
AbdullahDerin said Jan 16, 2013 02:55:10
Hey, I got the game and everything is ready but i havent got enough people to play with in my country! I am from Turkey. In my town nobody likes to play and it's driving me crazy ! so plz plz plz plz can i join your crew from distance? i got "log me in hamachi" or i can just install whatever it needs. just conduct me and plz help me to join you. Dude i am the member of Starfleet, Region 8... USS Dauntless, Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Commander but i cannot play that thing. i am really experienced in flight, command and battle tactics. I played all the simulations and experienced hundreds of critical situations. i got approximately 70 hours of simulation experience. i am serious i was born to do that. I even experienced Kobayashi Maru but failed:D contact me :
lucas99801 said Jan 17, 2013 23:54:27
Warning: I will double post this in it's own thread.

Hey guys, lucas99801 here. TuorElanesse and I are organizing a game tomorrow 1/18/13 to initiate him and his younger brother into the community. The game is currently planned to start at 4pm EST +/- 30 mins.

So for those of you who want to join, hop on the Teamspeak channel and hang out till we get a full crew going!

I can give captain a go unless someone else wants to try it out, but that can all be decided in the pre-game chat.

But please, stop by!

Event Info:
IP/Host: TBD
Comms: Teamspeak3 on
Channel: Artemis SBS Note: If channel doesn't exist, CREATE IT!
Password: Artemis1
Date: 1/18/13
Time: 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 9pm GMT
Experience level: ANY!
Hosting a Mumble (Murmur) server @
Having trouble connecting to the TeamSpeak channel:
Helm Script for Numerical heading input:
Twitter: @lucas99801
Facebook: /lucastarnold
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