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T.S.N. Officer Training; How do you strive to improve?

posted Dec 21, 2012 10:16:48 by xavierwise.tsn
Greetings Captains and Crews,

As the post title says, I'm interested how people try to improve how good they are, how effectively they can complete mission {and in a way, how serious they are about being officers on a starship}. How do you train up as a crew? How do you train up a new recruit? Has anyone tried coming up with a training scheme e.g. instructing a helms officer not just how to operate their console, but how to really fly the ship with style and finesse; to fly the ship so that you maximise it offensive capabilities whilst minimising the damage the enemy can do to you? I know many people just prefer to go for it and pick it up as they go along, but are there any of you out there who would want to be even better at the game?

For me, I always try to make the game as real as possible (like RP), that's why I wrote the handbooks. I'm sure I'm not alone, but I always dream of standing on the bridge of a starship, being an officer or the captain, and wonder how I would match up to the captains in popular sci-fi, like on star trek. I figured personally I'd love it if I could join up and train for this game as if I was a real officer of the T.S.N. It would make the whole thing more immersive for me.

As a community, I reckon we could start an online "academy", something beyond this help forum and the wiki, something created as part of the Artemis Universe, where everything is actually written and produced as if you are living in the universe. If your interested in this idea, give me a shout on here. Maybe, if there is the interest, this could actually happen.

Anyway, this is an idea that has always been there, sat at the back of my head, since I first started playing and writing the handbooks. The first step is this post. So, how do you strive to improve as a T.S.N. Officer?
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Charlie said Dec 22, 2012 20:26:51
Hey there, something the Artemis 1701 is thinking about starting, we need staff and ideas!

Please feel free to let me know if you wanna talk, and you can jump in my teamspeak server, do you play on Saturday Night Flights with us?
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 22, 2012 20:28:38
I do play on the Saturday night, but GMT time (the earlier games). I did post on your thread about joining an RP server, but haven't seen much posted on there since.
Charlie said Dec 22, 2012 20:35:36
I apologize for not keeping it very active, i am very busy with school at the moment, if you'd like to be apart of it. Let me know, and i'd be glad to have your help.
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 22, 2012 20:38:11
I'd be happy to be part of it. Can you send me more details of what's happening with it?
Charlie said Dec 22, 2012 20:46:23
If you'll be playing later tonight, we can talk about it then if you'd like.
Charlie said Dec 22, 2012 21:08:32
Also, if you'd like you can join my teamspeak now. Password:og4life

Give chas5511 a poke.
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 22, 2012 21:22:19
We are currently playing (Saturday Night Flights). I don't know when I'll be on till this evening. For me it is already 9.20pm
Charlie said Dec 22, 2012 21:24:39
SNF is playing right now?
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 22, 2012 21:26:56
well, for 3 out of the 4 of us, it's Saturday Afternoon flights, for me it's Saturday night lol.
Charlie said Dec 22, 2012 21:29:00
Well we play at 930 EST. And a few people play at 3 EST.
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 22, 2012 21:30:38
lol, well i'm the guy who started up the afternoon games at 3pm EST (8pm GMT)
Charlie said Dec 22, 2012 21:38:10
Alright, feel free to jump in my TS.
NigelTurk said Dec 27, 2012 00:07:07
Personally, I like to look at and understand all the stations, whether I am going to Captain or not (I like doing so, but I'm interested in a few stations, so one of my friends with narrower interests tends to be our Captain). This helps me understand how I can be a better [insert] by knowing how I interact with the bigger picture. For example, I understand that, as a Tactical Officer, I have a lot of interaction with the Science Officer and vice-versa, which a lot of people don't necessarily understand. I find it is always helpful to understand what's going on around you.

I, too, like to think of things in a RP capacity... I'm just not sure my crew does. I'm considering writing our escapades (when they happen) in a journal-like record to help this along.... any ideas?
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