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Playing on a Mac

posted Dec 21, 2012 05:10:02 by TheoBrinkman
Well, I just ran a short test flight using the Artemis on Mac the easy way instructions on the Artemis Wiki, using my iPhone as the server and main view screen.

Very fun overall, but with a few caveats:
1) Remember to hide the Dock before you start playing. It gets in the way of the bottom of your display, even in full-screen mode. (It prevented me from reaching the start game button, until I killed the client (Cmd+Q), and restarted in windowed mode.)
2) If you manage to click outside your window, you might not be able to get mouse and keyboard focus back to Artemis, so you definitely want to play in full screen mode.
3) The iOS version running on the iPhone doesn't make for a great main view screen, even for one person. (Everything is so tiny!)
4) Don't try to run a single player game using the Scout, Jump Drive, and expect a fight against multiple enemy vessels to go your way.

Updating from the 1.65 install to the 1.661 update was easy enough just start the 'Install a program' process again, select 'Install a non-listed program', and when the wizard comes up, select the 'Edit or update an existing application' option. There's an outstanding question about how to do this on the Wiki, but I don't have access to edit or comment on the Wiki.

Does anybody know if it's possible to grab the bundle created with PlayOnMac and just ship it across to another Mac (assuming they have PlayOnMac installed as well? That would simplify the process of getting a couple more of my Mac-using friends to try Artemis.

Also, note that there is a newer version of PlayOnMac available. Just grab the URL from the Wiki, and chop off the file name, and you can pick version 4.1.8 from the list you'll see. It automatically downloads and installs XQuartz (which then upgrades itself once) during the install process (which still requires the reboot).
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