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Contact Report: T.S.N. Fury

posted Dec 21, 2012 19:34:18 by xavierwise.tsn
Contact report to be included in the next version of the TSN Tactical Handbook. For the bridge officers who were serving on the T.S.N. Fury, damn fine job! It was a well trained and confident crew that pulled of this action and saved the stations in the sector.

Contact Report; T.S.N. Fury

Overview: A heroic defence of DS1, saving the station and its inhabitants
Location: Titan Sector (Coordinate: 028.259.015)
Date: 22 – 56 – 2235 (TSN Standard Calendar)

The Titan sector was attacked en-masse by multiple Arvonian, Torgoth and Kralien fleets, supported by Skaraan elite vessels. The T.S.N. Fury had been assigned to the sector to defend against potential incursions, and its captain and crew were tested to the limit in this engagement.

The Fury had already fought off heavy attacks that had almost overwhelmed DS2 and was forced to dock to recharge and rearm. On assessing the situation however, the Captain determined that there was little time for the recharge and rearmament to be completed, as DS1 was under serious threat from two hostile fleets. As the ship undocked, the first enemy fleet began to attack DS1, with the second fleet closing rapidly. The Captain ordered an immediate jump that brought the ship in precise location between the two enemy fleets. The first enemy fleet, which was currently attacking DS1, broke off their attack and turned to a heading that would engage the Fury. The Fury, however, directed its attention to the second fleet, firing a salvo of a Mk. 8 ECM torpedo, quickly followed by a Mk. 4 LR Nuclear torpedo. Many of the second fleet’s ships were damaged, and the Fury moved in to engage the weakened vessels. The first enemy fleet continued closing to stern, and the captain quickly ordered the deployment of mines to damage the first enemy fleet and slow their attack, whilst still engaging the second enemy fleet.

As both enemy fleets came together, the resulting close range engagement was brutal, but the captain and the crew performed admirably and successfully fought of the enemy vessels. From this action, DS1 was saved and the enemy attack severely crippled. The Fury continued to fight the remaining enemy fleets until the threat had been neutralised. During the incursion, not one station was lost despite the overwhelming strength of the enemy attack.
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Charlie said Dec 23, 2012 08:09:46
not one station was lost despite the overwhelming strength of the enemy attack.

Hell hath no fury like the T.S.N. Fury
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 23, 2012 17:06:01
I take from that comment that you like the read?
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