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This whole DMx thing

posted Dec 17, 2012 03:39:38 by Flynnicism
I'm not really technically well versed at all. If I wanted to do was get lights working would I just need to buy the DMX compatible LED lights, the adapter Thom linked and I'm good to go or is it more complicated than that?
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MarkBell said Dec 17, 2012 14:57:15
Allow me to direct your attention to this thread on the subject :)

EDIT - fixed link.

For the most straightforward route, the 4 things that Thom specifies are the basics needed.

EDIT - But, since the link thing seems to not be working for me, here's the gist of it:

The LEAST configuration would be

1) an ENTTEC Open DMX box

2) A 5-pin to 3-pin DMX cable adaptor (very important!)

3) a dmx light

4) a dmx 3-pin cable

DMX is designed to be daisy-chained. More lights and more cables can always be added.
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Auto_Pilot said Dec 18, 2012 20:08:22
I set up a light using that list that Thom provided and it worked great.

Just make sure to have the DMX drivers on the PC that you have the light hooked up to and make sure the light is set to chanel 3.
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