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Sunday Night Flights - 8pm GMT; 3pm EST

posted Dec 02, 2012 18:13:14 by xavierwise.tsn
Hey guys,

Is anyone available to play today/tonight? I was going to post this on the "Saturday Night Flights" post, but thought that it would be better as a separate thread as it is Sunday today.

Give me a shout on here if you are in. Comms will be via TeamSpeak, details will follow as more people join.

And I know that technically it is Sunday afternoon for those on EST time, but here in the land that created time (the UK!) it is Sunday evening (8pm GMT).

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Charlie said Dec 03, 2012 13:04:36
couldn't make it this week, next week probably.
GregoryWalek said Dec 04, 2012 00:04:37
Could not this week, but will plan for this next week!
The-Flying-Dane said Dec 05, 2012 10:36:43
As I also said in the Saturday Night Flight topic, I'll be happy to come along for the Sunday Night Flights.
FraserSulatycki said Dec 09, 2012 18:26:40
Just throwing it out there that if you want to fly again today, I'll be there to host again if you need.
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 09, 2012 19:20:49
Hey, I can come along for an hour or so, but will have to go at about 11pm GMT as I have work tomorrow.

Just created the channel:

Name: Artemis SSBS

Password: Artemis

It is on the Canadian public channel
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MattLowman said Dec 09, 2012 21:43:06
Hey, I'm thinking about buying the game but the only thing stopping me is that I haven't found enough friends interested in the game. How often do you guys play?
FraserSulatycki said Dec 10, 2012 00:04:11
Right now I play 2 days a week, maybe 3 if I can get in on the monday night crew. Saturday is the big one for me, the night flight at around 9:30pm EST has a fully crewed ship normally sometime more, certainly enough to run 2 ships with doubling up on responsibilities. Sunday we played for 3 hours doing invasions and a mission. I'm still in the TeamSpeak if you want to come on and chat.

Also if anyone else wants in on some later flights I'm up for them too.
AaronStrickland said Dec 10, 2012 01:10:04
I would play daily if there were people to play with.
MattLowman said Dec 10, 2012 01:37:54
If you're still on TeamSpeak what's the info?
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 10, 2012 16:55:15

I'll be on next weekend, both Saturday and Sunday hopefully, at 8pm GMT (3pm EST) for some more Artemis gaming. I aim to be playing regularly, and will keep posting to try and get games organised. The more people we can get joining in, the more games we can be playing with full crews, or with multiple ships.

Each weekend, I'll set up a channel on a public team speak server (if someone hasn't got there before me)and post the location, name and password on here. It will most likely be repeated from last week, but I'll post again to make sure the details are up-to-date.

To get involved, your best bet is to check out the forums either the day before, or a few hours before the game is expected to start. Oh, and double check times. I'll always post times for games I'm organising in GMT (or UTC), and will convert to EST, as they are the time zones that seem to apply to most of the players who I game with.

Hope all that info is useful to you,
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MattLowman said Dec 10, 2012 17:42:52
Ok, I'll keep checking the forums and TeamSpeak on those days. Thanks for the help!
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 16, 2012 19:19:29
Sunday Night Game

TeamSpeak channel activated.

Location: Public TeamSpeak; Canada
Name: Artemis SSBS
Password: Artemis1

Games will start between 8.00pm and 8.30pm GMT (3.00pm and 3.30pm EST/ 9.00 and 9.30pm CET).

A later session will also be running from around 9.30pm EST and will most likely use the same TeamSpeak channel.

If you have any problems finding or connecting to the channel, just post on here. We'll keep checking through the evening and try and get a reply to you as soon as possible so you can join in.
AaronStrickland said Dec 16, 2012 23:40:16
I will be around for the 930 game.
AndrewJHeraghty said Dec 17, 2012 01:28:05
Teamspeak channel is up
xavierwise.tsn said Dec 23, 2012 16:54:32
Good evening/ afternoon,

Will anybody be joining the Artemis channel this evening? I shall have it set up at 7.30pm (GMT) again using the same details.

Come along and join in! The more we can get, the better the games!
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