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Contact Report: T.S.N. Orion

posted Dec 02, 2012 14:58:06 by xavierwise.tsn
This is a contact report taken from the TSN Officer's Handbook. It details an incident that took place during a defensive patrol. It was included in the handbook as an example of the importance of coordinating carefully with allied vessels.

Contact Report; TSN Orion

Overview: Fatal incident resulting in the loss of TSN Valiant with all hands.
Location: Aegis Sector (Coordinates: 027.223.158)
Date: 25 – 43 – 2235 (TSN Standard Calendar)

During an engagement with a Kralian fleet in the Aegis Sector, a fatal incident occurred that resulted in the loss of the TSN Valiant.

The Valiant had been assigned to the sector and had earlier coordinated with the Orion to move in to a defensive position around Aegis DS1.

During the defence of the sector, Aegis DS1 came under threat from two enemy fleets, both closing from a bearing 045, at distances of 7k and 10k respectively, relative to Aegis DS1. The Orion moved to station and set a bearing to intercept the enemy fleets. The Valiant moved in to formation and joined the Orion in a supporting role, following off the port-stern of the Orion. After passing through the first fleet and causing damage to several of the vessels, the Orion continued on towards the second fleet to engage those vessels, simultaneously drawing the first fleet away from Aegis DS1. As the first enemy fleet turned to pursue, the Orion deployed a mine in order to cripple those ships as they turned. Sadly, the position of the Valiant was overlooked, and they were caught in the mine’s path, activating it prematurely. The Valiant’s shields were already weakened after passing through the first fleet, therefore the impact of the explosion from the mine caused major damage to the ship’s internal power systems. This resulted in a cascading overload, causing a catastrophic explosion that immediately destroyed the Valiant.

Without support, the Orion was badly damaged in the resulting engagement and had to retreat. Aegis DS1 had to be evacuated and was eventually destroyed by the two enemy fleets.
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JSpaced said Dec 14, 2012 13:02:29
Brilliant! Was this a two-crew endeavour? Tell me you did an actual "abandon ship" and climbed into a cupboard or something! :D
"We should give him the send-off he deserves. He died saving us all. Prepare a Rocket-Shed for immediate launch."
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