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Looking for West Indianapolis Crew

posted Nov 27, 2012 06:23:32 by JudithChambers
I have a total of 3 people (including myself) who are looking to either join a crew. We are also thinking about hosting a crew, but would like to join one first to learn to crew with others, other than ourselves. We live close to the airport and like i said earlier are looking to join a crew. please post if interested.
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JoeGreene said Mar 11, 2013 16:08:58
HUAH. Does Bentwood Park ring any bells? CR 200 S & Raceway vicinity...
I have the license and about half the hardware.. i.e. short a couple of computers.. but I have all the network gear, a desktop and 2 laptops, Projector and screen... Plus I have it all built on Linux LiveCD USB sticks so that they can be used in most any computer.. Next planned GTG is 3/23...Or we could try and do something at Who's Yer Con.. I'm sure we could snake some space in open gaming... I'll be the guy running the robot competition Friday and Sunday.. Large bearded gent in a utilikilt..
So if you have laptops/desktops and want to play contact me jgreene at greenemyst dot com
JudithChambers said Mar 13, 2013 07:04:48
Sorry, Just got back and about to head back out. I am out of State until April 1st, then am back again for a week training for a new job, then back out of area for a week... my next free weekend, as of now, is the second weekend in May. I have my own laptop, and by that time, might have another.

JoeGreene said Mar 14, 2013 03:31:38
Weird.. I got an email with partial post talking about a follow up to this (after Judith's)... but it's missing.. maybe they deleted it?
hancock.steven said Mar 15, 2013 00:08:41
Yep, sorry that was me. I posted about the Linux Live CD you mentioned, but then decided to not be so lazy and google what it was. :P
JoeGreene said Mar 15, 2013 02:36:53
Look here for the files I authored and the process to create your own.. I won't violate Thom's IP by posting an actual image.. but these are useful if you're going to do convention Bridge's or other portable Bridge setups.
justin.bargy said Mar 21, 2013 23:23:32
So I do not know how active people are on this thread but I have played at whosyercon and online now for a little while and I would be interested in joining a crew. Hardware wise I would only be able to bring a desktop with the game loaded on it. Also,I live on the northwest side of Indy and would be willing to drive to where the game was hosted.
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JoeGreene said Mar 26, 2013 22:07:18
Hrm, just got the message that you replied to this thread.. forum oddity. I'll post when we get closer to an initial launch.. Counting you that makes 4. Counting Judith that would make five ... and with Judith's 2 friends. it'd make 7.. perfect for a crew to allow illness/absences or a GM'd game! Maybe Judith can share with the other 2 and we could plan up a GTG.. I'm willing to host.. as long as noone has cat or teenager allergies.

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justin.bargy said Apr 01, 2013 01:52:13
Sounds like fun, I have been playing on line for a little while now, and an actual meet up seems like it would be significantly better, and a GM station would be a neat addition. keep me posted on some possible game dates. I will email you if you would like so you can have me email address.
JoeGreene said Apr 01, 2013 01:59:04
Watch this space and I'll post the initial GTG here. I warn it'll likely be May sometime.. April is nutso with conventions and other activities..
justin.bargy said Apr 05, 2013 01:27:17
Sounds good
JoeGreene said Apr 21, 2013 19:06:40
Ok here it is.
Who: Artemis players West side Indy
What: Inaugural Meetup
When: May 11 13:00 (1PM)
Where: Back room:
Monical's of Avon
9271 U.S. 36.
Avon, IN 46123-7412
Why: To play a round of Artemis and plan future/regular meetups.
A public venue has been chosen for the inaugural meeting, Look for the large, bearded, kilt wearing dude...
BrianBrokaw said Apr 22, 2013 03:56:24
Just saw this -- I'm on NW side of Indy and have a licensed copy and most of the equipment for a bridge (might be lacking one PC or so) -- so far I've been playing occasionally with my gaming group (who provide the remaining required PCs and then some) but we are all NW Indy/Brownsburg based. Could be we could get together with you guys either live or over the internet for multi-ship action. :) I'll try to make the May 11 meeting if I can to say howdy (if that is ok with you all) and if I can't make it then I will email Joe, or you can email me at





JoeGreene said Apr 22, 2013 13:48:46
Sounds great!
JoeGreene said May 11, 2013 16:25:19
Launch in T-37 Minutes
BrianBrokaw said May 12, 2013 03:28:57
I am sorry I missed you all today. For what it is worth, I did make the trip to meet up with everyone, but I somehow got my time mixed up and had it down for 6pm instead of 1pm. :( How embarassing! Anyway, I hope everyone had a good time :) Perhaps I'll catch you another time.
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