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Assembling a test crew

posted Nov 22, 2012 06:33:22 by KyleHuffman
I am assembling a small crew to test this game. Sense this can be run online, days and times will vary, how ever id like to get in at least 2 or 3 days a week for at least one or 2 hours. I need at least 2 helms people and 2 weapons people. Also we can rotate so people can have fun and not get bored at the same station.
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GregoryWalek said Nov 22, 2012 22:21:16
What Time zone are you in?

Fridays and Saturdays there are people whom play on-line. (it looks like there's a group starting on mondays as well). You might want to jump into play with them and start learning.

Engineering is the third big station that takes some work to be very good at.
Having said that, you should consider cross training on all stations.
Engin, Weapons, Helm are restricted to one person. Science and Comms can have multiple people on them.

If you come and play on Fri\Sat nights, there are several of us whom will help you or anyone else dig deep into the station you'll be using.
KyleHuffman said Nov 22, 2012 22:25:59
I'm in Ohio, EST. I only solo tested Weapons and helm, and i was able to pick up and play them both with in 5 minutes each because i played a few silent hunter games back in the day. I would need to buy the game to run any stations out side of those wouldn't i? Usually friday and saturdays are free for me, and i can jump in with you guys usually any time unless i have a gig i gotta go with my band i manage too.
GregoryWalek said Nov 23, 2012 17:00:30
You should join up with these guys:

If you're here and posting, then YES! Buy the game.
You cannot connect to the full version with the demo.
Mike_Substelny said Nov 27, 2012 16:22:54
I do a big game (four bridges) every three months in the Cleveland area, and small games (1-2 bridges) any time.
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KyleHuffman said Nov 29, 2012 01:23:51
Hey mike, I would like to do some online modes to test this out if you would be up for it. I wish i could travel but i cant get up that way any time soon.
MarkJ.Opferman said Dec 06, 2012 19:03:27
Hey I am also in the EST I wouldn't mind linking up with others also so i can play sometime.
AaronStrickland said Dec 10, 2012 01:15:11
Hey Kyle, I am always up to play. Drop me an email whenever you are online.
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