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How to use the Jump Drive

posted Nov 18, 2012 05:37:45 by SvenFlottmann
Hello everyone!
For one, I am not a native speaker and send you my deepest apologies for misspeling and bad grammar!

For 2nd:
I have read in the Wiki how the Engineer has to dirstirbute Power at the Right moments,

but what is needed to do a jump?
Can't find it in the Controls, oder Wiki, or Google.
Can anyone explan this to me, please?
Maybe with a few screenshots?
Thanks a lot!
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lordrahvin said Nov 19, 2012 19:50:25

Right now there is a bug preventing you from using the Jump Drives on missions. I believe you can still use the Jump Drive on Invasion Mode, but not on Mission Mode.
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SvenFlottmann said Nov 19, 2012 23:52:53
I did not play missions yet... but it does not work in Invasionmode.

Does the Bug mean, that there are no Buttons that say: "Set Jump Distance" and Say "JUMP".
I cannot find them either...

The only Thing that changes is, that Warp is not available with the numberkeys.
The mouse _has_ to be used to engage and Disengage Warp (not sure about "Fullstop" on the Spacebar.)
lordrahvin said Nov 20, 2012 00:13:58
To select Jump Drive, set all the choices on the server but don't begin playing yet. Let everyone login with the clients with what stations they want. The player who takes HELM should select a ship, select jump drive, and then click submit, before he starts playing. (Don't forget to click 'Submit'!)

Once everyone has started and are ready for play, make sure jump drive on the server settings and begin the game. The server screen should then change to a main screen. The Engineer's station should have a dial showing JUMP drive.

On the Helm's screen, in the lower left corner, does it say "JUMP" or "WARP"? If it says WARP, even when the ENGINEERING is showing a JUMP drive, then you are suffering from the bug and will not be able to jump. There is no way to work around this that we know of yet until the next version comes out.

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Daredevil Cosmic Cowboys, TNS Hyperion, Weapons Officer
1st Fleet of Southern California Sector.

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