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New News? :)

posted Nov 08, 2012 15:27:17 by RoyAnderson
Hey Thom,

Any new news on the Artemis front?
Things being worked on?
Status of IOS port?
Are you willing to give up your full-time job and work on Artemis exclusively? ;)

Thanks in advance
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MichaelMesich said Nov 09, 2012 13:04:02
It would be nice if there were a locked thread or an official blog so we'd know when Thom himself checks in. :)
karl1982 said Nov 25, 2012 16:18:32
Yep, sure would... or at least a feature on the forum where we could search for his posts so we can see if he's even still around. It's been nearly two months since the talk of version 1.7 started with hardly a word since.

Since I bought this game a couple months ago, I've only been able to get people together to really play it once, and that session went badly with severe connection problems. It sure would be nice to know it's still being actively worked on.
Charlie said Nov 26, 2012 01:31:35
Check out Saturday night flights, got a good group of guys that play.
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