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New to game

posted Nov 05, 2012 23:03:32 by TommyLee
Ok hello peeps
Im new to this game got the demo installed atm just to try this game out so i start it up get into game menu but cant start a game as noone to play with.
How can i try this game out if i cant even play it unsure if im doing something wrong or not any help would be nice.
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oliver.boylan said Nov 06, 2012 10:55:41
On your computer you can start up a server (in a windowed screen) and a client screen. Use your own IP in the client screen (displayed on the server) and you can try the game out solo. There is also a ton of great information on the Artemis Wiki. Check out the info on the different console screens. Search Artemis Space Ship Bridge Simulator on You tube too and you will find some great videos that crew have created. There has also been an instructional video made which talks you through each console.

Finally, find a crew to play with! It depends where you are, but on here there are a few crews who play online. Read through the "Bridge Crew Comms" for announcements about games or recruitment, or post something up yourself, e.g. "Looking for a crew in ....".

When I was first starting up, that's what I did and it has worked. I have managed to get together an online crew of 5 (which is still growing) and I've had plenty of regular games. I posted on the forums and it took a few weeks to get a reply, but it has paid off.

P.S. where about's are you? UK? USA? Europe? Other?
TommyLee said Nov 06, 2012 17:25:44
Im in the UK. thanks for the useful information only working with the demo for now.
Cant buy game until after christmas as paying out to much this year lol.
Il try and get a friend or 2 into this but im unsure if any of them would be into this kinda game tbh.
oliver.boylan said Nov 06, 2012 17:31:04
The crew I have formed is a UK crew. We communicate through steam. If you have a steam account, what is your steam name? I can add you and see if we can get you playing. Our crew is growing, and we are always happy to meet new players.
TommyLee said Nov 06, 2012 21:50:55
I have got steam but unsure what my steam name is lol.
I only play games i got no real understanding about how to do anything else other than checking the net for other games.
Yep im a big noob when it comes to anything to do with pc other than play my games.
oliver.boylan said Nov 06, 2012 21:53:11
your steam name should be in the top right hand corner of the steam screen when you open it up e.g. "soandso's account"
TommyLee said Nov 07, 2012 00:29:53
ok just checked and my steam name is foxmilder so you can add me their if you like.
And any1 else from here can add me if they want to.
JosephO'Connor said Nov 07, 2012 01:47:08
Added you Tommy (jockey1979)
RamonSnir said Nov 10, 2012 11:26:04
I added you two (Tommy and Joseph), if you don't mind. "ramonsnir" is my username.
[Last edited Nov 10, 2012 11:28:14]
Hissatsu said Nov 13, 2012 09:16:52
2 TommyLee
I had the same problem, I was also unsure wether my friends would get into this thing, but we got into it and had a lot of fun plays. Like, 20 days of gameplay or so, until people became kinda bored with it (well, we "completed" the game kinda, since we won several times Diff 10 on all ships and drives - even scout - and we won Diff 11 on Dreadnought/Battlecruiser Jump Drive).

Treat this game as something much bigger than just a computer game. It really has a lot of sides to it: a cooperative computer game with challenges, a reason to get together with your friends and talk to them, an entertaintment for a typical party (one where you eat drink and tell jokes), a real life roleplaying game where you don your star trek uniforms and vulcan ears and stuff, a teambuilding excercise where you learn to work together with people, a fun trashtalking experience where you call each other sillies and dumbasses and argue and laugh out loud while your ship is failing hard at basic tasks, and a space bridge simulation where you can feel like you're on a bridge of a real space ship.

Needless to say, its best to play it with everybody gathered in one room, thats where you can get most out of the experience. Its still very much playable over net though, and as folks say, can be as entertaining.
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