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First voyage of the USS Namepending

posted Nov 05, 2012 16:24:52 by GeorgeC.Bragg
Finally managed to get a crew together and do some bridge training on the weekend. That's quite the temporal anomaly in the Hamak Sector mission - somehow, we lost six hours overall on Saturday! :-)

Other than (1) a weapons officer's over-exuberant use of nuclear weapons at "danger-close" range in one scenario, and (2) attempting the fore-mentioned Hamak Sector mission on a higher difficulty setting than the crew was ready for, we had good success overall. As the licensee of the software, I was captain, and at one point my helm officer even said to me, "Hey, I'm starting to think you know what you're doing!" High point of my weekend, really.
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GeorgeC.Bragg said Nov 05, 2012 19:40:38
Forgot to mention one of the coolest bits - in one of the random scenarios we ran, we got "given" four NPC Destroyers. We ordered all of them to protect us, and we had a lovely fleet zooming around the map.
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