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How do I use the Game Master controls?

posted Nov 04, 2012 18:21:38 by SethT.Blevins
I am looking for a way to control the enemy ships? None of the buttons at the bottom work?
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lordrahvin said Nov 04, 2012 20:02:03

If you haven't downloaded and added any missions to your game yet, then the Gamemaster console will only work in "Mission Mode" (not Invasion Mode) and only if you are playing the "Module_3" mission included with the game.

If you go to Artemis/dat/missions/Module_3/module-doc.txt, you will see a list of the GM commands.

When you are ready to download and add missions to the game, some people upload modules with GM commands and some people don't. For each mission that allows GM commands, those commands will be different and you'll need to print out the text file for your Gamemaster to reference during play.
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kctembrock said Mar 21, 2013 00:38:57
Thanks for this. I am having trouble getting the GM mode to do anything other than send messages (tested with two clients connected). I can right click with the mouse to select a point in space but then none of the keys are responsive. Any thoughts? I am using it with the Module_3 mission that comes with the game. I'm a little baffled by the partial functionality.

If it could possibly be connected I'm running it on a MacBook Pro in Bootcamp mode with Windows 7 running. Game operates just fine otherwise. It's like the keys are not mapped to do anything. Is there a way you can dig into the coding for the mission to see references to the GM commands to see if they are implimented. My version of the game is the most recent one (just bought a week ago as of 3/20/13).

Thanks for any and all tips here. It would be great to figure this out before next Thursday when I have a group gathering to play.
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