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Newb question - Internet /Not LAN groups?

posted Oct 30, 2012 18:16:50 by emme_bno1
Are there any groups that are looking for a swede mayhaps?
I saw this on the steam greenlight and thought I'd give it a go, watched like 6-7 youtube gameplays of it and been trying to google the hell out of this game for any groups I could join in with and play.
Obviusly Im doing something wrong if I cant find a single site about this great game with such groups..
I understand it was originally built as a LAN game but with the internet option it should be possible to play it with other people across the world, not across the room. (Or use Hamachi?)
Obviusly I got a microphone and following installed programs: Vent, Skype, Mumble, Teamspeak3.

So: Any groups out there looking for members or anyone who know of a site where I can find some pepz?
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JosephO'Connor said Oct 30, 2012 19:37:45
I play with a few UK players, I'm sure they would like another player as we do not have a full crew yet.

do you use Steam? as we arrange our games over that
emme_bno1 said Oct 30, 2012 22:07:48
Yes, add me: connu1
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