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Mission lengths

posted Oct 29, 2012 14:53:31 by RobertFitzgerald
I'm sure it's different for each mission, but roughly how much time does a mission take to complete?
& How much time do you guys play in one session?

We are going to be doing some charity events, so need to know how much time to set for people to get a solid amount of fun.
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Mike_Substelny said Nov 06, 2012 14:45:50
The fastest successful mission I've ever seen ended in about 12 minutes. I've also seen them go for hours. "Party Crashers" usually takes a little less than 30 minutes; "Havoc in the Hamak Sector" usually takes about 45 minutes.

Of course an unsuccessful mission can end in less than a minute . . . if your helmsman runs over a mine.

"Damn the torpedoes! Four bells, Captain Drayton!"

(Likely actual words of Admiral David Farragut, USN, at the battle of Mobile Bay. Four bells was the signal for the engine room to make full steam ahead).
Hissatsu said Nov 13, 2012 09:23:55
Depends on your style. If you're going to be giving newbies a chance to play, then aim for ~40 minutes per successful mission, since they'll be doing it slowly while they learn the tactics of the game and how it actually works (that is after the time spent to instruct them on how to operate consoles).

Experienced crew will take around 20-25 minutes to complete a Diff 10 invasion, lesser with lesser difficulty

Missions definetly differ, because they have plot twists and stuff - if you know what you're doing Hamak Sector is over very fast, like 15 minutes, but if you do not, you can spend a LOT of time and still lose (I think we did it for like an hour or so before giving up).
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