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Artemis on Steam

posted Oct 28, 2012 11:31:09 by JosephO'Connor
Just a heads up, in the "Green Light" section on Steam you will find Artemis.

It needs votes !!!

The more votes, the better the chance of it being put on Steam for people to buy, and the more people will see it!

So lets get voting
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GregoryWalek said Oct 28, 2012 14:22:35
Link to the Green Light page?
JosephO'Connor said Oct 28, 2012 18:01:07
I had that first time around, just close the page and try the link again. I think it is an error from the Steam side of things.

On a side note I have also left the link on the Star Trek Online forums... not sure if I'm allowed to, will find out if I get banned Monday lol
AdamJosephDembroski said Nov 02, 2012 09:35:55
Best quote from that page so far, "I'm forcibly cramming money into my monitor and it's not working!"
karl1982 said Nov 02, 2012 23:19:56
I had already voted for this on GreenLight, but I have a question... How exactly will Artemis work with Steam's DRM? We'll need to be able to copy it to up to six computers concurrently, and those computers and players are also likely to change from time to time.
AdmlBaconStraps said Nov 03, 2012 01:25:18
I imagine it'll work like gifting when you buy a multi pack of any other game..
pcpcgames said Nov 03, 2012 20:20:49
I love steam, but the only advantage I can see with adding it to STEAM is that more people will find the game. Other than that he already has distribution worked out, is flexible on pricing and his own boss.

I hope he makes enough money to earn a good living!
Hissatsu said Nov 04, 2012 13:34:50
My opinion matches pcpcgames... Its great to introduce this game to others via Steam, but:

a) STEAM is a distribution platform. It wont work the way "bridge license" works, it will be like iOS release - every player has to own a game to play it, OR one of the players has to own a DRM-free version (bridge license).

b) STEAM is, again, a distribution platform. Its mostly about "i'm bored, lets buy some game to play with me and mb with my friends" - Artemis doesnt fit. Its a game played with your buddies sitting next to you, not over web. There'd be complaints of game not being so fun over web, of problems with playing over internet, like netcode not being up to modern standart of games, generally people on Steam will find it... shallow. Its about experiences you get from the talks and interaction in the crew, as much as or even more than about the gameplay and graphics, but being on Steam, latter will be the factor people will rate this game by. Really, I doubt many people will be buying Artemis on Steam - they'll see shallow graphics, see its multiplayer-only, see that it really only works with people being in one room together...

Well... thats kinda it. Steam is for different audience, really.

Still, publicity and awareness is good.
[Last edited Nov 04, 2012 13:36:05]
JosephO'Connor said Nov 05, 2012 21:38:43
Hissatsu I hate to disagree with you, but alas I will have to.

"There'd be complaints of game not being so fun over web" - I play it a lot over the web. I have a URL set-up for people to connect to me as well as Hamachi for VPN. I have played it with friends in the same room and friends over the web and to be fair, as long as you use a good voice chat service, it is the same amount of fun either way in my opinion.

" I doubt many people will be buying Artemis on Steam - they'll see shallow graphics, see its multiplayer-only" - Same can be said about anyone visiting the website, but at least if we get it through Steam our friends can see us playing it and it may peak their interest in it.
Hissatsu said Nov 06, 2012 07:30:09
Hey sure, there's no problem at all in disagreements, that's what we have our minds for - to form our own opinions.

I am just coming from a gamer background, I play a lot of computer games, and I talk on forums, and let me tell you, exactly about your points, there are two problems here:

1) People are used to "click button" - "get something awesome". Things like "input IP adress of the server" in Diablo 2 are in the past - people expect it work without any additional installs with one button. Sure, some advanced users would know what VPN means and what is Hamachi and how to use it, but they are a vast minority.
If you take time to set it up for yourself, then you can have same amount of fun. However, modern gaming industry is all about "we will do everything for you, sit back and relax" and that teaches bad habbits. I am affraid Artemis, when it is released to the public of Steam platform, will receive a bulletstorm of negative complains coming its way for:
- having to use VPN/Hamachi because direct play over internet is "unintuitive" or "unplayable lag" (wtf is it asking for? what IP address? couldnt they have did something like where i just click a button and join a game immediately)
- no game finder (why do i have to manually look for people to play, its taking forever!)
- no built in voice chat
- no built-in solution to having main screen for when you are playing over net - have to run second game instance and play both in a window, or something
And stuff like that

2) People are so nitpicky nowadays they discard even masterpieces as "bland" and even statisfactory graphics get demoted as "awful".

Take Deus Ex 3.
Or even this (actual gameplay graphics, just cut into clips)

Can you believe people complained THIS game has bad graphics? Unispiring, boring, outdated, etc. They did. Metactiric user reviews were filled with "outdated console graphics" and such complaints.

IMHO, there is a kind of difference when you find Artemis on STEAM and when you come to this website. If you came here, you were looking for. You saw a youtube video, you studied it. You know what you're looking for, and you will judge Artemis based on "Is this THE starship bridge simulation experience i always wanted to try". If common modern gamer will come along Artemis as another "50% off sale" item, he will judge it on his personal scale. All I'm saying is that it will undoubtedly bring a lot of attention to Artemis, but a lot of it will be from people who arent Artemis's target audience. Its not for them. But they will come, complaining, debating, arguing. They will talk bad stuff about Artemis on other websites, they will spread misinformation and even lies.

That's my opinion only of course, and anyone's free to disagree with it.

PS: Btw, obviously I voted FOR Artemis on greenlight anyway, for what it's worth... dont know how many votes are actually required for it to go through...
[Last edited Nov 06, 2012 07:32:30]
JosephO'Connor said Nov 06, 2012 13:58:23
Hissatsu, regarding your second point, I have a friend like that. If his new super fast GPU does not hit 60%+ then he won't play the game as it must be rubbish (he is quite annoying with it). Alas there will always be people who seem to think better graphics equal a better game, that is on every platform in every genre. Steam will however auto play videos and show pictures of the game on its main page for Artemis, so that should filter those people out.

As for click and play, Steam already has this feature, so Artemis would. You see a friend in a game, click them > join game and there you go. Steam would give Thom the tools needed to make sure these features work - it is part of Steam having these smaller games on its service, it is down to the game dev to make sure all Steam features work with the game. Same goes for Steam voice chat (and of course this does away with the need for VPN or Hamachi)

The only issue I can see from your list that will be a problem, and it will be a big problem for me, is Steam only lets you have 1 single copy of a game open at a time, so if your the host, you are the captain as there is nothing else you can do. (I currently host for my crew, but I'm not the captain, I have a second window and man a station).

Of course, there is the option of Thom making a server only version of the game, that way Steam could pop that into its "tools" section and then people could host a server and use the client.

So most problems can be resolved/ fixed. It will however be hard going for Thom and would put more work on him (unfair in my opinion, as Valve have a lot more staff who could get the Steam features working faster within their teams).
JosephO'Connor said Nov 07, 2012 20:04:22
I've put together an "Unofficial" Steam Group page here at

It is a public group, open to all.

Also, I personally have done the "add non-steam game" feature to add Artemis to my Steam games, this has the benefit of showing everyone in the group that I'm playing Artemis and the Steam overlay works great so I can chat and play :)

Your all welcome to join, never know what new crewmen you can find :)

And if Thom wants to come on over and take lead, then it can be the "Official" group page ;)
JosephO'Connor said Nov 10, 2012 14:07:41
Well said, with any luck (and a bit of hard work from us fans and players) the news of Artemis will spread far and wide :)

Ashwood said Dec 18, 2012 13:53:49
I actually found this game via the greenlight page.
[Last edited Dec 18, 2012 13:54:04]
The interwebs. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.
JosephO'Connor said Dec 21, 2012 18:33:13
Well come to the game Ashwood :)
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