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a few questions

posted Oct 26, 2012 01:50:06 by sickboy2212
Hi! i recently saw a video of a few people playing a through a few missions of the game and i was mesmerized my it. I am looking at possibly getting the game once i get 40 extra dollars. the one thing is, i can't really play the demo because i have no friends that want to play it with me, it's sadly not their types of game. i tried playing the demo alone but it's simply not the same thing as it would be with people.

my question is, is it possible to find other folks to play missions with or does one really need friends with the same love for the genre to be able to play the game because none of my friends are interested and that would leave me out of 40$ if i can't even play it.
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Mike_Substelny said Oct 26, 2012 16:44:34
Where do you live? The best ting to do is find other players in your area. Once you have a game going I bet your friends would see it and want to join you. Artemis is a very attractive to observers.
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