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USS Artemis has gone missing

posted Oct 20, 2012 06:47:01 by acolytetojippity
Admiral Kirkwood and his interdictionary fleet have gone off the grid. Missing, presumed destroyed, deep within unknown space. Admiral Williams has been assigned to head up a 4-ship fleet to go out, and find news of the Artemis, hopefully destroyed. If positive confirmation is obtained that the Artemis has willfully gone silent, she is to be destroyed with all hands as rogues.

Admiral Williams shall be in command of the fleet from his flagship, the venerable Dreadnought Wing, captained by yours truly, Capt. AcolyteToJippity. Also under his command are the Cruiser Kelly, Artemis's sister ship, the Missile Cruiser Race, and the Battleship Towers.

It also seems that this mission is of even creator significance, due to some sort of "charity event" happening at the same time. Don't worry little timmy, we'll make sure the whales survive. Even if it costs us our ships. Space Shamoo shall live. SO SAY WE ALL!
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GregoryWalek said Oct 20, 2012 20:09:50
Helm plot a course...
Weapons load two nukes,
COM? What do you mean we're not supposed to shoot a them?

(Good luck on the Mission!)
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