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Suggestions for Multi-Bridge Coop?

posted Oct 19, 2012 20:42:05 by justin.wick
Gonna be running our first multi-bridge scenario tomorrow (2 crews, likely full compliment). We'd prefer to run using Warp, at difficulty 8, but to have more/tougher enemies to engage. What can we do to help ensure the experience is challenging? Are there any recommended missions for dual-bridge setups that work with the latest artemis?

Also, we're looking at beefing up some existing mission scrips. Is there a way to have more bogies spawn in Siege Mode?
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GregoryWalek said Oct 20, 2012 04:13:38
If you're beefing up mission scripts, then add more functionality for the GM so that someone can add flair to the mission to keep things moving\interesting.

crazymatt007 said Oct 20, 2012 05:15:26
As far as I can tell from playing, up to level 10, most of the adjustments in siege mode difficulty have to do with energy expenditure and number of enemies. At level 11, the enemy count is nearly double that of level 10, and there is a substantial decrease to player beam range, with a simultaneous increase in enemy beams. Without going above difficulty 8, you could challenge yourselves more by choosing a less capable ship (as in, no dreadnought or battleship), denying yourself use of nukes (because they're really overpowered to begin with), and only use manual beam targeting and dam-con management. Also, one ship could be the missile cruiser, and act as artillery support for the other player ship, while keeping far enough from the front to avoid enemy beams.
justin.wick said Oct 20, 2012 05:53:20
@Gregory: Good call, don't think we have a person to GM though, as getting two full-compliments of crew at one house (12 people) is hard enough as-is. Worth keeping in mind...

@matt: My concern with difficulty 10+ is that the game seems to become "How Good is Your Engineer: The Game" instead of feeling like I'm on Star Trek. Great for "hardcore" gamers, but it so heavily rewards (IMHO kinda shady) extreme energy micromanagement and reduces tactical flexibility (you have to use the cheesiest attacks, such as spam ECM/Nuke) more than I'm willing to do, especially with a few nooblings on deck.

I do like your suggestion about picking a less capable ship, but one problem I have with that is that beams seem almost completely useless for offensive, when compared to missile weapons on anything smaller than a Battleship. Hell, even with a bigger ship I tend to be unimpressed by beams unless I'm using a Dreadnaught. I suppose sometimes they are all you have on Scoutship.

I do think manual-only beams is a really interesting constraint, as-is manual damcon. I'll run it by my crew, mayhaps we'll do that.

What I'd really like, however, is just the vanilla experience + more ships, but without the insane energy costs of 11. Alas it looks like while I can edit the mission scripts, I can't seem to find any user-editable data for the Siege Mode. Can't have everything in life!

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
acolytetojippity said Oct 20, 2012 06:51:39
@justin: Manual beams are the only kind I'll allow on the Wing. ever. especially since you can still launch torps while in beam targeting mode, keeping them off of auto allows you so much more flexibility during fights. I wouldn't use manual damcon though, they seem to move way too slow to be playable when you're needing to manually command them
lordrahvin said Oct 26, 2012 19:49:11
I suggest checking out my mission, Struggle For Mutara.

You can find the details here:

I didn't buff up the enemies, but there are a lot of them, and you may find yourself having to make decisions about whom to defend since there are four targets, of varying importance to the mission.

A gamemaster console can be used to provide additional challenge.
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