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3 Days of Artemis in MN near the Mall of America in Novermber

posted Oct 19, 2012 04:03:29 by MichaelMesich
There is a regular boardgaming event in MN ( ) and some of our members really enjoyed playing Artemis at Gencon! So they decided to set up an Artemis bridge running alongside the event over the first two weekends in November.

I kind of invited myself along and will be bringing another full bridge with lights and a projector.

If you live in the area or happen to be taking a trip to the Mall of America, be sure to check out our event page!

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Cmdr.Brandr said Oct 19, 2012 13:04:05
Excellent site!
Commander Brandr
Commanding Officer of the ship Calamitous Intent

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MichaelMesich said Nov 05, 2012 03:38:50
Day one saw plenty of action and adventure!

Two more days to go!
BobbyCulbertson said Nov 05, 2012 19:18:58
Wish I could make it! I'm by the border of North & South Dakota. My crew will be playing tonight though. :)
MichaelMesich said Nov 06, 2012 00:53:02
Road trip!(?)

MichaelMesich said Nov 07, 2012 14:48:45
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