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Raspberry Pi

posted Oct 17, 2012 15:19:31 by Brunayla
Has anyone hear of the Raspberry Pi? It should like if it could run Artemis it might make a lovely small foot print computer for the game. It is designed to help children learn to program (from what is have read). What to you think?

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kwadroke said Oct 17, 2012 15:47:46
It would be nice if Artemis ran on it. I myself have 2 with 2 more coming in Friday. But there's several issues with getting it to run on the Raspberry Pi:

1. Windows will not run on it. It's only running Linux (and I think BSD). It's too small for even the upcoming Windows RT.
2. It's an ARM processor, not a x86. So WINE isn't an option. x86 would have to be emulated with would farther slow down the game.
3. The original versions only had 256MB of RAM. New ones have only 512MB.

A Linux port with conversion from DirectX to OpenGL ES (not regular OpenGL) would have to happen in order for it to run on the Pi. I'm not saying it's impossible, since there's going to be a iOS port coming out soon, but a port would pretty much only work on the Pi. As far as I know there's not very many other systems using that version of the ARM CPU. I don't think there is enough customers for Thom to put the time and money into it to recoup his investment. Now if a regular Linux port was done, it wouldn't take much to get it to run on there, if RAM & CPU isn't a major road block.

I do plan on using Pi's as support computers. I'm planning on using them for Mumble Servers for voice chat, playing the tutorial videos, and various other Blinkenlights type things.
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Brunayla said Oct 17, 2012 15:55:01
I thought as much but thought that some crafty person might be able to make it work for something.

That said what do you think of the MK802 Android 4.0 Mini PC?

kwadroke said Oct 17, 2012 16:03:03
If we get an Android version then we could run on the MK802, if the system is beefy enough.
That being said, there could be a slight possibility to run on the Raspberry Pi if the requirements are low enough and if there's a decent version of Android created for the Pi. But I doubt the Pi will have enough resources to run it properly.
LeeKeiserII said Oct 17, 2012 18:20:27
Wow!! If Artemis could run on any of the new Android Mini PC's (at $44-$199 / ea.), that would greatly accelerate the speed in which bridges and multiple-bridge parties and locations could be put together.

I was looking at this unit on ebay (ebay item#: 221119963273) as a possible unit to run Artemis on...
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MichaelMesich said Oct 19, 2012 18:41:58
It'll run on the Surface Pro next year (just like it doesn on my Win8 Samsung Slate today) but if we could get MetroUI clients that would run on Surface RT:

Well ... I'm just going to roll over and dream some more about it. :)
wwjdtd said Oct 25, 2012 16:46:19
I must say one more time. You can run LTSP (Linux terminal server project) on R-PI's EXCEPT I cant get ubuntu to make a live cd... so no tutorial, but all that you would need is a server and some R-PI's Class-B The ethernet Is not optional. see this website:

Things to note: The amount of clients = how powerful your server is, and the fact I have yet to get a server to run that is not in a Oracle VM box...

Tell me what you think!
kwadroke said Oct 25, 2012 18:00:19
You can't boot without using a SDCard (no PXE booting), so you could just used X from Raspbian (or other distro) and a regular Linux box without going full LTSP if you wanted to. Xorg on the Pi's don't have any accelerated X drivers yet for the video card. So 3D would probably be out for the moment.
I haven't tried this to see how Wine & Artemis would complain with this setup yet. This does give me an idea, but I'll have to do some research to see if it's even possible.

After more research, it might be possible to get the unofficial Android version of the Artemis Client working on the Pi's once a version of Android is released. Since nothing is been released, it's still up in the air if it will work.
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