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Voyage of the USS Uh-Oh

posted Oct 14, 2012 12:57:55 by EricWethington
Crew reporting from Con on the Cob, Saturday afternoon. Most crew members were rookies or inexperienced at best. I was her captain, being a veteran of several conflicts.

::::Captains report:::

USS Uh-Oh, Scout class vessel arriving in Sector Bravo-Alpha-Delta 4.

Our orders where to check on the lost communications with this sector. high command did not think it was anything important, maybe just a technical glitch in a relay satellite or something, so they sent us in. A new crew, with a new ship, on a new mission, into deep space.... yeah...

Upon our final jump into the grid, we do a quick scan a realize what the issue was. A small exploratory enemy force had entered the grid and destroyed our relay satellite. With no satellite, we were the only hope for these science stations in the grid. Well, now.... lets see what this scout can actually do.

We zip up to a lone destroyer, launch an ecm and continued to harass him with beam fire until he was dispatched. Only using 100 energy... wow, this thing is efficient! Our next target was another lone destroyer several grids to the south. We flew in, ECM, then beams and homing to take him out. Still over 600 energy left!

Comms let us know that the lone transport could use our help in transferring data to one of the stations, so we helped out, figured an energy boost could be a good thing. When we got to the station the station engineer asked if we wanted 2 nukes... we are a scout, we don't have nuke capability.... you should have seen that Engineer smile and his crew would have made MacGuyver smile. Before you knew it we had 2 nukes in the hold and a new red button to launch them!

Using the new armament, we attacked a small attack fleet (2 destroyers and a battleship), we just sat back and nuked away. I could see their shocked ugly faces as nukes got launched from a scout class vessel. Don't mess with me, I didn't have my coffee this morning!

The rookie crew, having confidence in their captain, informed my of a lone cruiser starting his attack run at a distant station. Warp 4 got us there in a breeze with only minimum drain on energy.
A ECM launch, and missile - beam harassment and we dispatched the final enemy ship. Not bad for a little scout.

:::: end report ::::
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
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Charlie said Oct 20, 2012 06:16:52
Before you knew it we had 2 nukes in the hold and a new red button to launch them!

Way cool! Welcome USS Uh-Oh,

EricWethington said Oct 21, 2012 01:09:59
And So the TSN (not USS) Uh-Oh went on another mission. Capt./Nav Eric Wethington and Weap/Sci/Comm officer Spencer decided to put this ship to the test.

Wreaking havoc and ducking and dodging left and right we engaged a massive attack fleet (Level 6 - flying a warp capable scout ship). Oops there goes a station... bring that monster down here... hide near the mine field while taunting enemies on the other side... drop that ecm... duck and cover... ooops 2 more stations down.... 6 enemies remain and one station... where are the anomalies!

More mines, attack last dreadnaught with beams 1700 energy and only homing missiles...

We win!

PS TSN Uh-Oh is my ship when I can't get a full crew together. My normal ship is the TSN Jimi-Saur (Artemis Class cruiser)
"... ooops!"
Last words of Captain Phour Phazier Phred from Phremont
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