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This evening's gaming (Friday 12th October)

posted Oct 12, 2012 17:22:52 by Ed
Anyone fancy a game this evening?
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FraserSulatycki said Oct 12, 2012 19:13:21
Sure, what time? I have 2 people here that can play. Experienced helm and engineering if you want.
Ed said Oct 12, 2012 19:27:26
Well I know you're normally free from *thinks* 8pm your time.. would it be the same again?
FraserSulatycki said Oct 13, 2012 01:26:02
Could be, just got in from having to run some errands. Being its 9:30 now, still up for it, or is it a bust this evening?
WilliamFisher said Oct 13, 2012 02:06:42
I'm up for some play time, what we got?

[Edit:] Probably nobody's paying attention. Rats.
[Last edited Oct 13, 2012 02:16:06]
FraserSulatycki said Oct 13, 2012 02:24:48
I'm still here and able to play if Ed comes back. Missy has a friend over and are playing karaoke so only 1 officer here.
WilliamFisher said Oct 13, 2012 02:30:51
Watching some Dr. Who, so I can step onto the bridge at any time. I await the word of the almighty Ed.
Jeremy said Oct 13, 2012 02:41:09
I could get on if anyone is interested in playing
WilliamFisher said Oct 13, 2012 02:50:41
OK, we got three. Go look at the Saturday Night Flights thread to find the TeamSpeak server info, I'll hop on as Hapes, I forget Fraser's name.
Ed said Oct 18, 2012 10:17:59
Sorry about that. I didn't get another reply for ages so went to bed instead. I'm in the UK but will happily stay up (very) late if I know there's a good reason!
WilliamFisher said Oct 26, 2012 13:33:43
Who's up for some action tonight (2012-Oct-26)? 9:30PM Eastern US (roughly...)

Log into the TeamSpeak server when you're available, log out when you're not (see Saturday Night Flights for TeamSpeak info)
Cetshwayo said Oct 26, 2012 14:12:44
Do you take people who haven't played yet and just got the demo to see if they will enjoy the full game? If so I'd join.
Ed said Oct 26, 2012 15:44:21
I might be there, despite the timing..

Cetshwayo you're welcome to join and play, I''m sure I'm not speaking out of turn on that. However I don't think it's possible to combine demo and full game at the same time.
WilliamFisher said Oct 26, 2012 15:56:03
I think the Demo version is 1.4 and the non-demo is 1.661. I don't think they work together.
GregoryWalek said Oct 27, 2012 00:40:09
It's a lovely view of the ship from the starbase as I sip my earl grey.
(It's 8:40pm EST, and sitting in Teamspeak)
GregoryWalek said Nov 09, 2012 23:31:26

Anyone on board for a Friday night Mission?
It is likely I may have a full ship setup where i am.
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