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Bridge Atmosphere on a Budget

posted Oct 12, 2012 18:38:34 by BobbyCulbertson
I'm a youth pastor for a small church and want to do an Artemis night for the kids.

I was thinking of creating an atmosphere as soon as they enter. Kind of like the "Star Wars" ride at Disney World. They come in, it's dark, they get escorted to the mission briefing area. Short video on training their stations, then away they go to the bridge.

Trying to think of ideas on creating an intimate bridge atmosphere on a budget. One thought I had was set up black sheets from floor to ceiling making the walls of the bridge, then putting small lights on the floor to give some ambiance. Anyone have any other/better ideas?
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crazymatt007 said Oct 13, 2012 11:25:13
If you have an executive desk chair (or any comfortable chair with arms that says, "this is the seat of a leader") lying around to use for the captain's seat, it might bring some of the appeal back to the station for a kid who would otherwise prefer to push buttons on the computer. As far as the physical bridge layout goes, I personally like a front-to-back 1,2,3 layout for the screens, with the main screen (obviously) in front, helm and science stations in the same row nearest the main screen (since science often assists with navigation), and then weapons between communications and engineering in the back row, with the captains chair between the front and back row (since it's nearest to the Star Trek : The Next Generation bridge layout).

As far as lighting is concerned, a quick internet search for "spinning red police beacon" got me an amazon hit for one for around twenty bucks that you could flip on for "Red Alert," and I'm sure if your church has as active of a youth ministry as the one I went to growing up, they'll find another use for it if they don't already have one lying around from a past year's modern-day Christmas Pageant (If that sounds oddly specific, that is precisely the case for my sample size of one).

Starting the event by playing the opening sequence to "Wrath of Khan" or the second battle sequence from "Galaxy Quest" can also contextualize the game transfer they're about to experience (Since both examples blur the distinctions between simulation and reality for the characters in those movies).
BobbyCulbertson said Oct 13, 2012 13:25:13
Great tips, thanks!
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