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Bridge Atmosphere on a Budget

posted Oct 11, 2012 21:40:09 by BobbyCulbertson
I'm a youth pastor for a small church and want to do an Artemis night for the kids.

I was thinking of creating an atmosphere as soon as they enter. Kind of like the "Star Wars" ride at Disney World. They come in, it's dark, they get escorted to the mission briefing area. Short video on training their stations, then away they go to the bridge.

Trying to think of ideas on creating an intimate bridge atmosphere on a budget. One thought I had was set up black sheets from floor to ceiling making the walls of the bridge, then putting small lights on the floor to give some ambiance. Anyone have any other/better ideas?

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EricWethington said Oct 14, 2012 12:34:46
If there are 2 bridges, have them set up in different areas (maybe just 20 ft apart) and give each comms officer a walkie talkie to talk to the other ship.
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BobbyCulbertson said Oct 14, 2012 12:36:07
ooo- great idea.
cyclopsean said Oct 21, 2012 08:30:29
As great as Artemis' soundtrack is, some ship-like noises would really affect the mood. Maybe record some ambient noise and play it on a stereo near the entrance, or just leave a laptop in the corner on this site:
RobertFitzgerald said Oct 29, 2012 14:28:29
One of the things I am looking at, if we can get a few spare screens, set them up around the room with various space related videos and/or LCARS screens (the star trek console - LCARS47 looks pretty good & is free).
Hissatsu said Nov 05, 2012 14:03:58
Definetly, dimming the room would give you atmosphere boost. It should be not too dark but dark enough.

Then, this game has some kind of integration with your american remotely controlled electric outlet. I think others can give details to you. Basically you can plug a red lamp or even better a police-like lamp to that, and setup the game so that when comms officer sounds red alert, it starts flashing creating that cool "emergency" effect.

Then, you could manually completely turn off lights in the room if you will be using jump drive, when they jump. When ship jumps, all consoles go dark for a moment, that's when you turn the lights off, and back on when main screen console goes online. That was tested by someone (report on this forum, but cant find the topic) and it was great as everybody attested.

Positioning people correctly would give a good bonus, if you can do it. If you saw Star Trek, you know how to do it, otherwise i'll explain:
- Main screen somewhere eveybody can see it, in case you must prioritise, helm, weapons and capitain should be the ones that have the best view
- Capitain in the center of the room
- Crew members sit around the capitain, Helm and Weapon sit in front of him (backs to the capitain) and other crew members sit around him (to his left, right or behind him).
Something like this:

This is better than putting people behind a large table or something because everybody feels like its his dedicated "station", capitain can walk around, looking at or even assuming control of someone else's station, people can talk to each other comfortably (but some need to turn away from their consoles to talk, which is kinda cool).

Big main screen would be a definite plus. The bigger the better. I managed to get an old plasma panel for cheap, as you see in my vid. You can get a projector for a cheap and big screen, but watch for its quality - if its bad, like blurry or burned out, then you may be better off with a nice size monitor - not as large, but people will actually see stuff on it.

Having a fancy capitain chair (a big "boss" office computer chair with armrests and some stuff attached to it to look "futuristic") is a definite plus to atmosphere. Makes you FEEL like a capitain.

Having badges for your crewmembers might help, especially since they're young.

If you want more roleplay (interaction between stations) to happen, DO NOT give capitain a personal console (Capitain's Map). Without it, capitain will have to constantly ask to put stuff onscreen, like a radar, and will ask science about bearings to objects and situation inside nebulas and shield frequencies of enemies, but with it, capitain sees everything and can just dictate headings, shield frequencies to other people himself, as well as can see through nebulas as science sees, thus making putting LRS onscreen obsolete. This makes it easier to play, makes your team more efficient and generally makes sense, but at the same time takes away a lot of interaction between players.

Decoration - I'm no expert, especially on "cheap" decorations. I hope someone else can advise you on that, we have a lot of people who built their own bridges in their basements (not so easy in Russia, where you dont have a basement to build in...)
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