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The CFTS Leviathan

posted Oct 07, 2012 03:08:04 by Shades4355
Gunner's Report,
We shipped out today, a novice crew and captain. This was our second deployment as a crew, though the helmsman and I have have limited experience prior. Our second deployment, but only our first with this captain.

Things did not start well, nor were they to end well. At the worst, and simultaneously best, of it, we were nearly out of energy, out of ECMs, nuclear missiles, and had just purged all but our last homing missile to keep the shields up and engines running. The enemy fleet, some 8 or 9 in number, were grouped tightly together. Under our previous captain we would have either died, or retreated, sacrificing the Deep Space outpost we were desperately trying to protect.

But our new captain was reckless. And, so, we charged, beams powering the shields, and all 3 missile tubes loaded with mines. the first mine cleared half of the encroaching fleet. The second, released in rapid succession after the first, hit only the lead survivors, destroying 2 and weakening many. The third and fourth mines, once loaded, finished them off on the second pass.

And so, here we are, docked at DS3. Refueling's complete. Our armaments have been restocked. And we're all on "shore leave" until the next mission comes through.

Captain: [Shades], fire at will.
Weapons: Pst, hey, engineering....can I get more power to my tubes?
Eng: Sure?
*nearly 20 homing missiles in rapid succession, plus one nuke*
Sci: .....All enemies destroyed....
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