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Testing Against Comms Transmissions

posted Oct 06, 2012 05:31:49 by ArpieBowman
Is there any way to test against transmissions selected by the comms officer?

For instance, the comms officer sends a taunt to an enemy ship or demands a surrender and that triggers a condition?
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ArpieBowman said Oct 06, 2012 05:32:33
Actually, being able to add new comms transmission options would be great.
Mike_Substelny said Oct 08, 2012 13:23:21
Currently neither of these is possible, though you can test against "has_surrendered" for enemies and "if_player_is_targeting" for players. I hope the ability to add custom transmissions is available soon.
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ralphhogaboom said Oct 08, 2012 20:18:54
Agreed. I'm taking apart Struggle for Mutara now as a template for making my own missions, and I'm going to see what I can do with Comms. One thought I had would be to have any WAV files play only on the comms computer, with an option to 'patch them through' to the main screen. That way Comms could have a headset, and have to synthesize the info for the captain, making Comms more central to the ship.
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