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Artemis Prime - voyage 2

posted Oct 05, 2012 14:35:30 by BobbyCulbertson
Tonight will be the second voyage of Artemis Prime.

We will have a couple new crew members. (7 total - so we will have to do a rotation). I'm thinking we will do our own version of the Lucky 7. We will draw for positions out of a hat, then put them on Level 7 and see how it goes. Our first adventure we did a level 2 and level 4. So, it could make for an interesting night.

Update to follow.
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BobbyCulbertson said Oct 06, 2012 14:44:51
Well, we didn't try level 7; level 5 proved hard enough for this novice group. Our first run we became over matched quickly. Losing space station after space station proved detrimental as we lost all energy and became dead in the water.

Video of our final moments

Our second time we did better. We had one station left but were able to kill all the battleships, causing all the scout ships to surrender.

For beginning captains out there: make sure you respond to your crew members with respect. Being TOO short can lower crew moral and make the adventure not as fun as it could be. Yes, you are in battle, but you should want to have your crew come back tomorrow and play, not try to find another captain! (Not the case here, but just a warning to future captains out there)

Looking forward to our next Artemis Prime Adventure.

Picture is our setup in my living room (minus two stations that were soon arriving). The TV is setup to my desktop running the server.

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Charlie said Oct 06, 2012 19:47:03
Looks like a comfy bridge,
For beginning captains out there: make sure you respond to your crew members with respect
Being captain and refining tactics are a bit of work. My crew and I have had some pretty unique battles at times. Well worth the effort.
JSpaced said Oct 10, 2012 11:51:02
Tried playing with kids who lost ALL respect for each other, reaching over to operate each other's consoles, not even acknowledging the captain, each station yelling orders. Ended in an actual fight.

Two words: NEVER. AGAIN!

You're right about those high difficulty missions. Our adult crew are kind of struggling around the 3/4 level on missions at the moment. We need to refine our tactics and our play.
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"We should give him the send-off he deserves. He died saving us all. Prepare a Rocket-Shed for immediate launch."
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