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Market Research - a London LBE for Artemis

posted Oct 03, 2012 16:44:40 by edmundrw
I've been doing some idle sums regarding what it would take to get a central London office lease location and set up a permanent bridge (kitted out with ipads for most stations and enterprise-style sci-fi decor) and charge for sessions.

In terms of pricing, I am thinking £60 for a 1-hour session (£10 a head) or £120 for a 3-hour session (£20 a head).

On this cost basis, I should be afford to only take an average of 1 booking per week in year one to cover rent and rates, allowing me to work the LBE as a weekend job and run short-notice cheap turn-up-and-play days on quiet weekends.

What are your thoughts on this?

Are you a London or UK based Artemis fan who, like me, have a group that would like to play regularly but finds it very hard to set up a Bridge?

If there was a permanent bridge available would you be interested in paying for it? If so, how much would you be willing to pay? Are my prices unreasonable?

Do you think that you would want to come and play regularly, say, once a month? How important would the service of providing new mission scripts be to you?

Any other thoughts or advice?
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LeeKeiserII said Oct 15, 2012 21:25:38
I've struggled with trying to figure out a pay-to-play scenario for Artemis. I'm thinking that an immersive 3-hour session should be about right for a 6 player crew on a pre-scheduled basis. If you're looking at getting walk-by traffic, then maybe a 1 hour session might work well.

edmundrw said Oct 16, 2012 09:14:11
Yeah, I haven't done extensive research but I have a feeling that the only remotely affordable venues in central London would be office space that is not going to be able to bring in walk-in traffic so I've been modelling on the basis of getting a few groups who want to play regularly as well as sporadic one-off group bookings that might lead to repeats down the line.
LeeKeiserII said Oct 17, 2012 18:10:44
Sounds similar to my situation. I've currently have a warehouse where I can build and test my prototype LBE and am starting to get the pieces together for a potential retail storefront depending on how the players respond to the prototype. Are you considering having a GM be an integral part of your gameplay? Have you considered which (if any) missions/modules you intend on running?
RobertFitzgerald said Oct 29, 2012 19:31:29
edmund - can you drop me an email please? I think we may be on the same page with this...
MichaelPardoe said Nov 04, 2012 16:02:12

I currently play with course-mates at my University. We have a great set up with a projector but I'm unsure about how it would work with none students, I would have to do some research.
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