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DMX Lighting on 2nd Bridge

posted Oct 02, 2012 14:28:22 by kwadroke
Cmdr Brandr and I were running 2 bridges this past weekend at GameCon Memphis. This was the first time I was really able to use the DMX lighting and my custom USB adapter (FTDI & RS485 IC). It worked fine if the light it was hooked up to the server, but if it was hooked up to a client (main screen), the lighting didn't work. The USB adapter and the Light was receiving data fine, the light just didn't do anything. Is the lighting supposed to be on a different channel for a client than a server? Has anyone been able/tried to get a light working on a 2nd bridge?
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Brunayla said Oct 03, 2012 21:01:55
I would think that is would base the lighting effect on the computer it is attached to. If you have two bridges one as the server and main screen of ship 1 and a Client running the main screen of ship 2 I believe that the DMX out put would be based on the ship status of the connected computer. So if Ship 1 is ate red alert and DMX 1 were connected the lights would be red on the connected lights and If Ship 2 is docked the DMX 2 would send yellow to the connected lights. This is just my thought on how it "works". I would love to hear if I have it correct on not.

ThomRobertson said Oct 03, 2012 21:20:54
No, sorry, Kwadroke. The lights aren't correctly programmed to work with more than one bridge. I'm fixing it very soon, though.
Creator of Artemis
Brunayla said Oct 04, 2012 01:20:59

When it is worked on will it be from the computer that the DMX is pluged into? or will it be separate channels for each ship? Each computer might make multi bridges that are not close together work more easily.

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PirateGent said Oct 04, 2012 01:43:09
Has anyone told you Thom that you are a god? :-)
Baton Rouge, LA
kwadroke said Oct 04, 2012 02:02:22
Cool, so It wasn't me or my DMX setup.
Eagerly awaiting the fix. Thanks Thom.
JamesDunnem said Mar 11, 2013 02:46:01
Is multiple bridge DMX supported in v1.702?

I did not see where this was mentioned as being supported in the 1.7 patch notes, and don't yet have my DMX set up (let alone enough for a second bridge) to test it.
The team building event I hosted at the office went over well enough that the company is buying licenses to host a pair of their own bridges later this month, and I'd like to push the 'Wow factor' up with lighting, preferably for both ships.
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MichaelMesich said Mar 11, 2013 22:39:22
Currently the DMX signal only comes from the server.

I'm hopeful that part of v2.0 will be moving that output to any client running a given ships Main Screen in order to make it truly discrete.
JoeGreene said Mar 15, 2013 04:53:00
James I can only pray the team building exercise I'm planning for work goes over as well!
ericksoninmotion said May 10, 2013 02:09:00
Any word on if this will be before v2.0, or are we going to have to wait until then. Really would like to run 2 bridges together, but who wants to command the gimpy light-less bridge.
ThomRobertson said May 10, 2013 20:53:00
gimpy light-less bridge


Seriously, the fact that the lights don't work right for multiple bridges is a known bug, and I'll fix it for V2.0.
Creator of Artemis
ericksoninmotion said May 11, 2013 07:49:29
Glad I could make the creator laugh. Also glad to known v2.0 will have some DMX updates, its been a blast building my lighting for the game, its a very big crowd favorite. And once you have Tractor/Dock, Shields, and red alert separated I could never go back.

I was training some new crew tonight and they kept telling me that they had docked and had shields up, the lights told me they had not!

Thanks again Thom for this game.

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