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Has anyone used "Captain's Logs" for mission biefings?

posted Oct 01, 2012 21:05:31 by Caleb
So I had the idea that instead of a character giving you your objectives at the start of a mission, you could instead have a printable script(PDF) come with the mission that the captain would read at the beginning at the mission.

"Captain's Log, star date 3056 point 7. We are en route a system on the edge of the neutral zone where there have been reports of Torgoth activity. We're picking up a local expert on nebula scanning at deep space 46."

Has anyone tried using this instead of mission briefings? Is so how successful was it?
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AdmlBaconStraps said Oct 04, 2012 07:11:06
That actually sounds really cool. You could probably also do it as a voice over at the begining of the mission for the lazier and/or drunker captains out there :D
Caleb said Oct 04, 2012 07:16:37
Yeah, have it so it tells comms to only play it if they captain won't read the log.
Mike_Substelny said Oct 04, 2012 14:08:10
You could just make it a playSoundNow file and force everyone to hear it when the mission starts . . . assuming they have the volume set correctly and their server has adequate speakers.
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