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Custom Engineering Controller

posted Oct 01, 2012 15:48:54 by TonyNunn
So I'm interested in building an Arduino based engineering console. Heres the idea:

>8 sliding pots, one for each channel to control the power to each system
>2 pushbuttons per channel to control coolant level
>override switch (overrides manual controls to return everything to 100%)
>pushbuttons to overdrive certain systems (ie, hold down a button and it temporarily drives shield to 300%)
>possibly use switches to switch between preset configurations (like buttons 1-9 on the keyboard, programmable on the fly.)

Future ideas, depending on capability:
>an LED for each system to show temperature status
>Multicolor LEDS, or even segmented numerical display to show shield strength.

I will have no problem designing the controller to make it do what I want with the arduino, and handle the data. My problem lies in figure out how to interface it with the game? Is this even possible? Is there some easy way to create a sort of custom joystick/controller driver?

I don't know if this is possible to make work the way I want it to, but it would be pretty badass if it did.
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LeeKeiserII said Oct 01, 2012 21:04:45
Now yer talkin!! This would be quite cool for my bridge as well. Keep your progress updated on this thread please. :-)
Brunayla said Oct 02, 2012 00:35:23
You could try making the controls act like a keyboard and use autohotkeys to automate some long drawn out sequences.

I found out about autohotkeys from

avbeeri said Oct 02, 2012 08:33:54
The engineering console doesn't really have enough hotkeys to make such a controller work on keyboard alone.

I wonder if the Artemis Extender program has some hot keys which could help?

If you use an Arduino Leonardo then getting the Arduino acting like a keyboard, or mouse is easy.
The newer UNO can be made to do it, but it requires flashing of some firmware.
NickJackson said Oct 02, 2012 10:46:52
The more I look at the LBE forum, the more I think that Artemis would benefit massively from a MIDI interface.
TonyNunn said Oct 02, 2012 16:43:03
The more I look into this, the more I think this is impossible in the current configuration of the game. Any word on when/if this sort of external control interface would be possible?
AlexVanPatten said Nov 29, 2012 10:42:14
I'm in the same boat as you as I have the hardware and know-how just no way to make it talk to Artemis. Subscribing to this thread so I can be updated on your progress!
avbeeri said Nov 29, 2012 19:13:33
There was some progress to getting outputs from Artemis in this thread, which could be applied to an Arduino:

But input is a bit of a challenge still.
GregoryWalek said Dec 02, 2012 06:35:43
You might want to consider writing your own client. Have your client to connect to an Artemis server. Then have the Arduino connect to the client.

The only question is how you would deal with DamCom Teams.

You might want to look at what is going on with this project.
avbeeri said Dec 02, 2012 21:15:38
This seems like currently the very best way to go.
It depends a bit on the protocol Artemis uses, but this is the best way for now, I think.
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