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"Y" characteristic in weapon profiles in VesselData.xml

posted Sep 30, 2012 12:13:49 by JonTiberiusHocker
Hey all,

I apologise if this is not the correct place to make this post, but none of the other boards seemed to fit.

I was just messing around with the ship profiles (with the hope of making a "broadside" vessel) and have just about figured out how to set the angles on beam weapon arcs. The configuration is wonderfully Lovecraftian in its implementation (by which I jokingly mean non-Euclidean), but I realise that setting "X" to "1.00" will make the beams fully horizontal to the right, "-1.00" to the left, and the "Z" value then adjusts the "elevation", so to speak, of the arc. So, x=1 and z=1 means the arc centres at 45 degrees, x=-1 and z=-1 means the arc centres at 225 degrees, and so on.

But what, in the high heavens of all the cosmos, does the "Y" value do?

Additionally, does a guide to adjusting the vesseldata file exist? Or maybe an explanation of the units and values that can be adjusted? I've got the hang of cycle-time, arcwidth and range, but an actual "scientific" explanation of what the numbers actually measure out to in the game world would be really handy.

Also, is there a way of making mines fire forwards as opposed to backwards? Or of setting the range at which the become stationary and armed?

Cheers all.
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lordrahvin said Sep 30, 2012 19:06:11

The coding for Artemis seems to have 3-D factored into it already, but mostly disabled. So the "y" value is your up/down on a three-dimensional plane. Usually it should always be set to 0.

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TreChipman said Sep 30, 2012 19:21:12
You're basically correct on the weapon arcs, but it's a little more complicated than that (or, more accurately, it can be more complicated if you want it to be). In addition to determining where the arcs are angled, the X, Y, and Z values also determine where on the enemy ship the beams are fired from. If you use the ship editor modding tool (it's on the download page) to place your weapons, it'll generate the X, Y, and Z values for you once you manipulate the cursor to where you want it on the ship.

I don't really use your pithy "science" to figure out "numbers" for "damage"-- that's the realm of pointy headed intellectuals, and there's simply no place for them in the future that Artemis presents. Seriously, though, I generally do a gut-check based on the existing numbers in the game. Also, for my Star Trek TMP mod, I used Vorus' FASA ST:STCS conversion outline (He outlines it here), and I've found that generally works pretty well.

As far as the mines go, no, I don't believe there's a way to change their firing arc or activation distance-- at least, not presently. You can change some of their other properties by tinkering with the artemis.ini file, though.

Hope that helps!
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Raptor said Jan 20, 2013 23:34:35
Hey, not sure if you manage to make your broadside mod. However using your information I was able to make a broadside scout;

<beam_port x="90" y="17.8" z="-1" damage="12" arcwidth="0.2" cycletime="6.0" range="1000"/>
<beam_port x="-90" y="17.8" z="1" damage="12" arcwidth="0.2" cycletime="6.0" range="1000"/>

As for "science" I would be more tempted to assume linear correlation and use the base values, for example; range/1.25 == arc * 1.25.
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Billy R said Feb 13, 2013 11:13:00
The idea of broadside fighting (in space) as I understand it, is not to simply have guns on the side of the ship, but to have fore and aft weapons whose firing arcs overlap slightly amidships. Which after a few frustrating hours of tinkering with it, I finally managed to do like this:

<beam_port x="0" y="8.35" z="258.74" damage="12" arcwidth="0.52" cycletime="6.0" range="1000"/>
<beam_port x="0" y="8.35" z="-258.74" damage="12" arcwidth="0.52" cycletime="6.0" range="1000"/>

It puts the beams in the middle of the ship, one fore, and one aft. Their firing arcs overlapping slightly on the sides.

What I need to do now is find some way to give the torpedo tubes a firing arc. The current god-like nature of the torpedos is a bit too much, even without the full-coverage beam weapons. Anyone know where to start with that?
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