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Woohoo! 30 computers!

posted Sep 30, 2012 19:23:51 by lordrahvin
Bucky Daring, star captain for the Daredevil Cosmic Cowboys, just made a deal that secured us 30 new (used) computers of the P4/core duo variety! Woo hoo! The plan is to eventually work on them and then re-sell them, but in the meantime we've got 30 computers to play with!!! We might just end up keeping a few for ourselves just for Artemis. :)


I've already secured 6 for myself to keep in the trunk. Now I'll have a mobile Artemis bridge to setup wherever I want. Fleet command is still at Bucky's house, in retrofit, but will be ready for deployment in a couple weeks.
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Daredevil Cosmic Cowboys, TNS Hyperion, Weapons Officer
1st Fleet of Southern California Sector.

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avbeeri said Sep 30, 2012 21:59:52
Thats awesome. Good luck with the deployment!
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