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New TSN Officer's Handbook Available

posted Sep 29, 2012 10:56:27 by xavierwise.tsn
The TSN; Officer's Handbook is now available to download as a PDF document on the Artemis Wiki pages. Select the "Files" tab at the bottom of the "Navigator" side bar window and scroll down the list. The PDF is also currently displayed in the "Recent Activities" side bar.
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deathbygiraffe said Sep 29, 2012 13:39:48
This is a great document! Thank you for putting in the time to make/share it!
xavierwise.tsn said Sep 29, 2012 15:35:47
Thank you for the feedback. I've already started a process of correcting some errors in the document and adding to the content I have written. I wanted to release a version so people could have a look and give feedback about the document.

If anyone wishes to contact me directly with feedback, comments on content or contributions then they can email me at:
avbeeri said Oct 03, 2012 12:58:49
This is such a great document.

I like how it reads like a TSN Academy text book.

Keep up the work!
Shades4355 said Oct 09, 2012 01:27:43
Sweet! I can't wait to read this and share it with my Captain and crew!

Captain: [Shades], fire at will.
Weapons: Pst, hey, engineering....can I get more power to my tubes?
Eng: Sure?
*nearly 20 homing missiles in rapid succession, plus one nuke*
Sci: .....All enemies destroyed....
xavierwise.tsn said Oct 09, 2012 17:07:49
Thank you for the positive comments. Please be aware, someone did mention "spelling errors" were apparent in the document. I would like to state that the document has been written in UK English, and several spellings differ from USA English. I am aware of the odd error due to typing mistakes.

As word gets around, please do not hesitate to contact me about additions, quotes to include, amendments or any other feedback from you or your crew. Any suggestions that can help develop the document are welcome.

I'm going to go over each section gradually to re-write, edit and add to them, and then will release the new versions as full documents and updates. Currently I am working on the section about the Captain's role and am close to releasing an update, but I will be moving on to review and extend the Standard Orders, and the Attack Patterns sections. I would be especially interested in any additions anyone could make to these two sections.
FFDilithiumCryst said Oct 09, 2012 19:43:10
I was doing a little bit of research and noticed that the chain of command in the TSN handbook is "sort of" out of order.
According to this website (link below):

According to them, this is the chain of command:
Weapons (Operations)

Is there such thing as "the right chain of command" if everyone's inexpierenced?
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