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Comms and issuing fleet orders

posted Sep 29, 2012 13:55:00 by deathbygiraffe
This is probably a silly question, but my crew wasn't sure of the answer: When comms orders a friendly to a new course heading, is it relative to the friendly's current direction, or based on the concept of "north" (top of map) being 0?

It seems to me the logical answer is "relative to their current bearing", but then again, when the map shows them as a dot, you can't easily ascertain their heading without first zooming-in so it might be advantageous to consider "top of map" as 0. We've lost quite a few ships to guessing wrong and watching helplessly as out fleet flies into a black hole or minefield.
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Brunayla said Oct 02, 2012 00:29:00
I think that it is in relation to the map. 0 up 180 down 90 right and 270 left.

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