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New idea for an effect used on communications with other ships

posted Sep 28, 2012 19:14:46 by Caleb
I played around with this for a few hours last night making it sound distorted, and I was really happy with it. At the very end a friend made a suggestion which I can't believe no one has done before.

Be able to hear the other ship's crew in the background.

I think it adds another layer of immersion into the game, and makes it feel like there's actually another ship out there talking to you. Future plans would be to record my crew playing the game, then taking bits of that and insert them into comms messages in the future.
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Mike_Substelny said Sep 28, 2012 20:26:07
This is fun and immersive. Have you played "Havoc in the Hamak Sector?" Certain audio communications have background sounds, including a red alert klaxxon, weapons firing, and explosions.

Players can find audio communications frustrating, though, if they can't understand the message. Or is that part of the mission?

My experience with audio communications has been mixed. They definitely add to the feel of the game, but since you cannot predict the hardware that another crew will have you don't know how it will sound playing from their main screen computer. Also, there are international players who can read English at their own pace but may not understand spoken English at your pace.

Yet I plan to press on and do more missions with Audio Communications.
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Caleb said Sep 29, 2012 06:18:26
Currently I'd sending the players text along side the audio, but I do have it planned to use hard to understand audio in a mission soon.
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